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Hiking in New Zealand

Hiking in New Zealand Its been awhile since I posted on my site.  I may have not been very involved with my site, but I have continued to live the healthy life and work out 4-5 times a week.  It has been a challenge as I travel even more than I did in the past and the places I go are not always “fitness...
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Floating Fat Camp November 2015

Floating Fat Camp November 2015 From Left to Right:  Barry, Dave, Matt, John Well the fourth Floating Fat Camp in a row took its toll on the guys as we shrunk down to the four original members.  We had a job to do, made the best of it, and continued to plug away at it and were once again successful. The weight loss for the final fat...
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Floating Fat Camp October 2015

Floating Fat Camp October 2015 From Left to Right:  Dave, Barry, John, Matt, Billy, Victor It was a surprise to us all, but we ended up right back in Floating Fat Camp for October after just completing our September Floating Fat Camp. Fresh off of our weight losses and strength gains in October we all continued to hit it hard and see...
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Floating Fat Camp September 2015

Floating Fat Camp September 2015 From left to Right: Matt, Barry, Dave, John, Adam, Victor Well the guys were back at it as we had another mission in September so we all hit the gym again as we pulled away from Hawaii with a plan and lots of determination to all make gains and lose weight.  After three and a half weeks of hitting it hard...
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Floating Fat Camp June 2015

Floating Fat Camp June 2015   From left to right: Barry, Mark, John, Dave, Matt, Adam, Doug, Jason Well we finished our little cruise and are back on dry land in Hawaii, so that means we had our final weigh ins to see how everyone did in June’s Floating Fat Camp. Dave lost 10.2 pounds Doug lost 7.4 pounds Matt lost 9.8...
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Floating Fat Camp 2

Floating Fat Camp 2 Well it is summer time again and we are back out on the Pacific Collector.  After last years cruise and the fat camp being so successful all the guys are back to sail and see who can lose the most weight  We have picked up a few new guys and the gym has gotten a new face lift as well.   An additional...
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Hiking in Portland

Hiking in Portland There was a time when I was on travel and when I had to stay over a Sunday that I would sleep in late, watch football all day, and munch on snacks the whole day.  That was a typical “Day Off” for me in the past.  What a waste that was!  I did not even know how much I was missing until I...
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Warrior Dash 2014

Warrior Dash 2014 As most of you know my life of sitting on the couch and watching others live life to the fullest on TV has been gone for some time now.  Last year my family started a new tradition of doing the Warrior Dash together as it is about the most fun we have ever had on a weekend. The event is for the St Jude...
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Barry’s Floating Fat Camp

Barry’s Floating Fat Camp So as my missile career continues I am now the test director for one of the instrumentation ships that supports and collects data for missile testing. What we do is several times a year we go out to sea and cover areas that the land based assets cannot. What this does is put 40 plus guys on a ship for 3-4...
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Turning 50

Turning 50                                   46 Years Old                                                                                   50 years Old Had a lot of fun with people telling me I am...
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More Than a Workout Program

More Than a Workout Program I have to admit when I first started P90x I was “hoping” to lose weight and get into better shape.  As it turned out I not only lost 30 lbs, got in the infomercial, and changed my health for the better.  I also discovered a new way of life. As I continued to set new goals and achieve them I never...
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Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth Three years ago I changed my life with P90X.  I was headed down the road to high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attack.  My eating habits were the normal “American Diet” and my physical activity consisted of getting up off the couch to go to the refrigerator. If any of this sounds familiar then...
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