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The Answer

The Answer I get asked all the time about how to stay motivated. Starting P90X / Insanity / Power 90 / etc. is not hard! Staying with it is what’s hard! So many people start strong but fade fast.  Either they cave in to the diet and don’t see results, or they get tired and start to skip workouts, or they let...
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Re-Dedicate Sooner or later it happens to everyone.  You are in a great groove, working out, eating healthy, and then something in your life changes and knocks you out of that groove. It can be your job all of a sudden requires you to travel, your kids’ schedules change as they get older and more involved with after...
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Commitment I am finding out lately from talking with others and answering questions from team members that there is a real issue with COMMITMENT!  I personally understand the problem as most people can talk about doing something about their fitness, watch infomercials and relate to the people they see and maybe even...
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Working Out In Paradise

Working Out In Paradise   If any of you have watched my transformation video (Barry’s P90X transformation) then you know that for eight years I lived on a small tropical island called Kwajalein.  Living on Kwaj you have a very active lifestyle as there are no personnel cars so you get around by riding a bike, the...
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Surprise! You Are Accountable

Surprise!  You Are Accountable I recently set up a Fall Challenge for the GooBurners team as I wanted to get people motivated again and for us to all share in the experience as a small dedicated team.  Nothing brings people together like struggling together on the same task as you encourage, motivate, and help each other achieve the...
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I Wish

I Wish “I Wish, I Wish, I Wish”; I hear this all the time from people when we are talking about getting into shape.  I Wish I had a six pack, I Wish I could just lose 10 pounds, I Wish I was in better shape. It is easy to talk about what you want and to wish for things, but quite another thing to have to earn...
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Quit Your Crying

Quit Your Crying We all fall into ruts.  I have had great success with P90X and have even gone so far as to teach it to others as the one “leading” the workouts.  However after achieving a certain level of fitness I started to explore other areas such as the One on Ones and Insanity to keep pushing myself and my...
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Accountability How I continue to grow and learn about how to stay healthy and keeping physically active never ceases to amaze me.  When I first started out with P90X I was just trying to survive the hour and hope that I did not bonk or worse throw up.  Now this did not last long and before I knew it I was learning the...
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Other Activities

Other Activities We all enjoy the Beachbody workouts whether it is P90X, Insanity, One-on-One, Turbo Fire, or any of the other amazing workouts, but when it is summer time and is just so darn nice outside you have to do “other activities” to get your exercise. Don’t get me wrong I still do the Beachbody workouts year...
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Love Being a Coach

Love Being a Coach Something I do not talk a lot about is how much I enjoy being a coach at Beachbody.  I really do not know why I do not talk about it more as I am so focused on working out and helping people stay motivated and trying to help them achieve their goals, but that is exactly what a coach is. My story is not...
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You Gotta Have Help!

You Gotta Have Help! This week I have to brag about how awesome my family is and how important it is to have a support system in order to succeed with whatever your goal is. As most of you know I have had to start traveling a lot again as that is where the work is.  In these tough economic times you have to do whatever it...
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Feeling Sick, Should I Workout?

Feeling Sick, Should I Workout? It has been a long long time since I have been sick.  I cannot even remember the last time I had a little cold and this time I had one of those annoying little colds that does not knock you out with the high fevers and chills, but just kind of hangs around making your head stopped up which gives you sinus...
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