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Saboteurs! Working out is HARD!  Eating really, really healthy is HARD!  But guess what!  Those aren’t the only obstacles you will face on your fitness journey.  One of the most frustrating obstacles is the “Saboteurs” (people who resist the change you are trying to make in your life).  They come in many...
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Build a Home Gym

Build a Home Gym My Home Gym When I started doing P90X it was with my son and we needed more than just the living room as we were running into one another and of course using the family TV for something other than just pure entertainment.  So we decided to set up our own home gym in our workshop that we currently used for...
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P90X Round 2 Results

P90X Round 2 Results Check out my latest transformation video of my second round of P90x.  I did a hybrid called “Maximum...
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Latest From Tony!

Latest From Tony! Watch this latest clip as Tony talks about P90X:MC2 and what is going on in...
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P90X and Football

P90X and Football I love football!  At my house it is pro football mixed in with a little college football.  On Sundays we have the NFL Sunday Ticket package from Direct TV and watch the Red Zone in HD! My son and I compete (and sometimes my wife and daughters join in) with each other in a daily fantasy football match in...
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P90X and Traveling

P90X and Traveling One of the challenges I faced during my first round of P90X (and still do) was how to keep on schedule when my job has me travel quite often.  As many of you know from my transformation video traveling for my job is one of the reasons I got so out of shape and put on weight.  There were several factors...
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Will I be in the next P90X Infomercial?

Will I be in the next P90X Infomercial? P90X Infomercial – Interviews P90X Infomercial Interview Question 1 -Click to view Video Upon submitting my success story and transformation video to Beachbody, I was contacted by the Success Stories department and informed that they were interested in possibly using my story in the next...
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I’m on P90X Facebook Page!

I’m on P90X Facebook Page! To all I have the honor of being selected by the P90X Facebook official page as a post for my transformation.  Check it out and hopefully you will be inspired as my family has been to keep “Bringing It!” Coach Barry on the official P90X Facebook...
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My P90X Story

My P90X Story I was always a healthy, fit kid as I grew up on the tropical island of Kwajalein, in the Marshall Islands, then my family moved back to the states. There I began a steady decline in my fitness and eating habits starting in elementary school. I was becoming obese even though I was participating in all the...
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My P90X Story

My P90X Story I had always been an active guy and never had to worry about my weight too much. I moved to a tropical island called Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands for most of my 30’s and the lifestyle out there was very healthy and active.  The island is only 3 miles long by a half mile wide and is very isolated,...
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Let Me Coach You On Your P90X Journey

Let Me Coach You On Your P90X Journey Welcome to Goo Burners I am here to help you achieve the kind of weight loss, strength, and fitness goals that you never thought possible!  As a normal guy with an active lifestyle I had no issues with weight or fitness until I fell prey to the American way of life (No Daily Exercise and a Fast Food...
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