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Shakeology Samples

Shakeology Samples If you’re wondering about getting free Shakeology samples, you’ve come to the right place. Back in March of 2010 I made a decision to start P90X for the first time. To be honest, I had some knowledge about supplements, but not enough to really know what was beneficial and what wasn’t. Looking back, I...
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Vanilla Shakeology is Here!

Vanilla Shakeology is Here! VANILLA SHAKEOLOGY IS HERE!!   You can get it NOW!   Also, from now until July 7th, there is NO SHIPPING fee for all Vanilla Shakeology orders (both one time orders as well as Home Direct orders). If you already have an order for Shakeology and want to switch your flavor to vanilla, you can make that...
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My Favorite Supplements

My Favorite Supplements Below is the list of supplements that have helped me maximize my results during my P90X / Insanity / Hybrid transformation.  There are others I’ve tried, but I didn’t feel they gave me as much “bang for my buck” as these.  This is not to say that you NEED these.  I am just saying that I...
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Creatine FAQs

Creatine FAQs   I get asked a lot about creatine and as I use it myself I thought I would share some FAQs about this supplement. Creatine may be one of the most popular sports nutrition supplements of all time, but it’s also one of the most controversial. Everyone and their brother has an opinion about how,...
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Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Beachbody has a new line of Supplements, the “Beachbody Ultimate Reset”.  The idea behind this reset is a total system “reboot”, which means you have to stop rigorous exercise while doing the 3 week reset.  It makes perfect sense if you are feeling sluggish, having health problems, or are injured,...
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Tropical Shakeology

Tropical Shakeology Valentine’s Day is the official release date of the newest flavor of Shakeology — Tropical Strawberry Vegan! ****CLICK HERE TO BUY TROPICAL SHAKEOLOGY NOW!!!!! You all know that I’ve been a daily Shakeology user for almost two years now, and it’s completely changed my health.  I am never sick, I...
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New PreWorkout From Beachbody!

New PreWorkout From Beachbody!   As most of you know if you follow my post I recently discovered Pre-Workout Supplements.  I have been amazed at how using Jack3d has helped me to Bring It harder than I ever have and to start getting more and more reps out of my workouts.  As an example my pull-ups went up by 2 reps in the first...
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How to Compare Shakeology

How to Compare Shakeology Like Comparing Apples and… Tang How To Compare Shakeology Or, “How Do I Really Know If This is Worth the Money When Everything Else Costs Less?” There are many “protein shakes” and meal replacements that are less expensive than Shakeology. But  comparisons – based on the simple “protein...
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Recovery! One of the most important topics when it comes to exercise is how to recover from it. No matter how hard you train, you’re only going to see great results if you do the things that enable your body to recover from the exercise you do. Let’s take a look at how to make the best use of your time...
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Sore, Slow, and Hungry: This Program Really Works!

Sore, Slow, and Hungry: This Program Really Works! Exercise makes us feel great. It makes us less hungry. It helps us perform everyday tasks better. Besides our health and the way we look, feeling great, being less hungry, and performing better are exactly the reasons we put ourselves through exercise. However, en route to ultimate fitness, there are some...
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Three Day Cleanse

Three Day Cleanse Did anyone out there put on some unwanted holiday pounds?  Maybe you have hit a weight loss plateau and want to get a jumpstart.  Well there is a little technique called the Shakeology 3-day cleanse! Have you heard about the “Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse”?  It’s something I haven’t tried myself since...
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Creatine: The Real Scoop

Creatine:  The Real Scoop Okay by popular demand (and since people ask me questions about creatine every day) I have finally decided to put some of the research points together for you into one article.  This is a little technical, but I tried to make it as brief as possible and still get the necessary info to you. Creatine.  I...
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