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Getting Started Right

Getting Started Right

What’s the key to winning a 100 meter sprint?  Getting out of the blocks fast!  You have to know how to start so that you don’t find yourself behind the pack.  That’s what I want for all of you who are part of GooBurners and attempting to begin your race to a healthy, fit body!

I am writing this for those who are new to the workouts, new to GooBurners, or just needing to figure out where to start in order to get their fitness on track for reaching their maximum potential.  It’s easy to buy a workout program, but then what?  I hope it will help both the newbies and the veterans who need a little boost.

If you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! You have decided to take control of your health and fitness, and you are ready to get GREAT results! I have learned a lot about how to get GREAT results, I’m living proof of what GREAT results look like, and I’ve helped many others to get GREAT results of their own using many of Beachbody’s workout programs.

So, where do you start?

First, Choose a workout program and get a Coach!

You may have already done this. If so, perfect! Move on to step 2. If not, be sure you make me your coach. It’s free, doesn’t cost you a dime, and entitles you to be part of GooBurners so that we can help you every step of the way on your journey to reach your fitness goals. Do that by clicking the “Join My Team” tab.

You may be trying to decide which program is for you. There is something for everyone. You can start with something like 10 minute trainer or Slim in 6. You can go for an extreme workout like P90X or Insanity. You can go for an absolutely INSANE workout program like P90X2, Body Beast, or Asylum. Or you can do something in between like Pump, Power 90, Chalean Extreme, or Turbo Fire. Look in the “programs” tab at the top of this website to learn all about the different options you have. And read this article as well = “Finding the Right Workout”

However, for those of you who like to get all your ducks in a row from the start, there is a way to SAVE MONEY by ordering a bundle that includes your fitness program, your supplements, and a VIP club membership, along with free shipping on everything, for a much reduced rate.  That is called a “Challenge Pack” — Read more about how to order your own Challenge Pack in the article “Beachbody Challenge”.

Second, determine the equipment you’ll need!

If you choose a workout program like Insanity or Turbo Fire, you won’t need anything except a way to play the DVD’s and something to wipe up all the sweat. With a workout program that involves resistance training (like P90X, Power 90, and Chalean Extreme), you’ll need some dumbbells or resistance bands. I personally prefer dumbbells, but bands work well too. You’ll need an assortment of sizes since the exercises vary so much. On some exercises you can lift a lot of weight, and on others you’ll need very light weight. You can get an assortment of individual dumbbells or you can get a single set of adjustable dumbbells like those made by Bowflex or Powerblocks. For P90X you will also need a pullup bar (or again you can use the bands to substitute). There are also lots of other nice pieces of equipment you might want to add (not necessary but nice to have), which you can look at in the “gear” tab.

Third, document everything!

You never know if you’ll be in the next infomercial (like I was!) I thought it was silly to take Day 1 pictures that I figured only my wife would ever see. Little did I know how much my body would change, and luckily I had those Day 1 pictures as proof. Be sure you take good pictures, document your progress with photos, and take measurements along the way. Read these articles for tips = Measuring Body Fat and Photo Tips.

Fourth, learn everything you can about nutrition.

The level of results you get is in DIRECT PROPORTION to the effort you put into the nutrition. So many people neglect this area. Part of why I got such great results was that as I went through the process I got better and better at the nutrition. And while it may seem tedious to study up on it, it’s every bit as valuable as the workouts to giving you the transformation you are after. I’ve written about nutrition, and have a tab on the website just for all the articles about NUTRITION. Take the time, read some of them, and give yourself the best chance at success! I can guarantee that if you’ll follow the nutrition approach, your results will be off the charts!

Fifth, make a plan to PLUG IN!

It’s so important to be part of a team when taking this journey. A team will help hold you accountable. A team will keep you motivated. You will become more passionate about your journey as you share it with others. That’s one of the best things about GooBurners — we provide each other with the support, encouragement, and kick in the rear that we all need sometimes. Read more about how to really PLUG in with these articles = Plugging Inand Accountability.

Sixth, know that it won’t be easy.

These workouts are HARD! Eating right is HARD! Breaking old habits is HARD! You won’t like it at first. You’ll be sore. You’ll be tired. You’ll feel like crap some days. Suck it up and push play! That’s the key! We all go through the same thing. Successful people push through and keep going. Quitters quit. You have to make the commitment that no matter how you feel, you will keep showing up and keep pushing yourself to improve! These articles shed the light on what you will go through and how to have your mind right = “You are Stronger Than You Think”, The Why, and Bad Workouts.

Seventh, set big goals and land your spot in the Melting GooBurners!

I kept pushing myself every day, and got awesome results. If you’ll do the same, there is no reason you won’t do the same. Your road may look different than mine, but if you are taking steps every day to get yourself closer to your goal, I can guarantee that you will get there!

Bring it!