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Low-carb P90X, extreme dance hybrid, Greek chicken recipe

40 and fabulous, fitness checklist, Greek chicken recipe

Tony’s 5 diet no-nos, making the perfect playlist, lentil soup

10 workout gear tips, stretching and flexibility, Dijon dressing

Crash diets, secrets of olive oil, healthy dressing

5 foods for glowing skin, stinky superfoods, Tony yuks it up

Trick out your workout, healthy Halloween treats, pumpkin pie recipe

The facts about gluten, explaining muscle confusion, zesty chicken

8 dining out tips, healthy microwaving, pizza recipe

8 ways to avoid the holiday bulge, seasonal salad, finding a workout buddy

6 guilt-free Thanksgiving dishes, great grains, healthy gravy

20 fitness secrets, 10 holiday diet tips, coffee cake recipe

Eating more to lose weight, cookie cravings, roasted veggies

Best diet and fitness books, low-fat eggnog, plus gift center specials

The skinny on carbs, choosing workout wear, holiday salad

7 workout-boosting foods, 10 resolution-keeping tips, dessert recipe

More exotic super fruits, cellulite solutions, fruit skewers

8-week transition diet, the Tao of Beachbody, turkey and wild rice recipe

Sugar addict detox, Biggest Loser’s Brett Hoebel, muffin recipe

Remembering Jack LaLanne, beating the winter blahs, salmon recipe

Winter sports, how fitness changed Tony’s life, tasty trout recipe

Why organic is important, 10 veggie sources of protein, minestrone

Easy recipes, no dishes, meatloaf

6 simple rules for eating sugar, how much salt is too much?

6 metabolism-boosting tips, sleep myths, spinach and turkey salad

Eat breakfast to lose weight, spring-clean your kitchen, breakfast tacos

5 best fats for getting lean, P90X on the front page, dreamy avocado dressing

9 best appetite-suppressing foods, Southwestern salad, the neXt level of results

P90X vs. THE ASYLUM, 9 healthiest oils, avocado tuna salad

Yoga for dudes, healthy picnic tips, fruit salad

Healthy Mexican eats, keeping cool for cheap, yummy frittata recipe

Healthy Asian food, urban food myths, spinach stir-fry recipe

Tony Horton in The New York Times, 5 veggie makeovers, food truck tips

Healthy fat from fruit, finding time for fitness, strawberry cheesecake Shakeology

Best summer foods, how exercise changed my life

How to avoid summer weight gain, magical melons, and low-cal chocolate pop recipe

The perfect fitness regimen, natural cooking, Tony’s nutrition tips

Edible seaweed, organizing your workout space, fresh pea soup

Can sleep build muscles, start your day with yoga, summer sherbet

Online workout buddies, seafood cookbook, mango tilapia recipe

Fro-yo: go or no? Summer cocktails, zucchini bread

Top 10 P90X2 questions, 7 smart foods, spinach turkey salad

P90X2 Pre-Order is here! Plus 9 foods that fool you, curried chicken couscous

Fit fall foods, embracing the farmers’ market, strawberry salad recipe

Burn fat faster, work out smart, not hard, baba ganoush recipe

New P90X2 Nutrition Guide, keeping hydrated, granola treat recipe

20 secrets of fit people, pumpkin pie Shakeology, great fitness facts

One-pot meals, fight the freshman 15, and free P90X2 shipping!

Tips for portion control, inspirational films, and free shipping for P90X2!

Healthy Latin dishes, Beachbody’s new nutritionist, breakfast burrito

Avoid holiday pounds, peanut butter cup Shakeology, free shipping on P90X2

Low-cal cocktails, oatmeal cookies, P90X2 free shipping ends 11/30!

Tips for De-stress, Controlling Your Cookie Monster, Low-fat Eggnog!

Warding off the holiday pounds, Apple-Raisin coffee cake, RevAbs Success Story!

Healthy Tips for Ladies, Foam Rollin’, and Banana Mousse!

A new year, a new you!  Plus save on TurboFire!

Delicious skin, malicious sugar, and a nutritious shake

Are you a couch potato?  Have you checked out PUMP?

Valentine 911: Tips and More!

Head, Knees and Stomach–what you need to know!

The Takin’ Care o’ Business Issue: Fitness tips for commuters, travelers, and desk jockeys!

Our Hottest Issue Yet!

Thinking about doing a cleanse? Five reasons to DO IT NOW!

3 easy ways to make mom smile

Alcohol and Exercise: Do they mix?

The Natural Aphrodisiac, 5 Tips for Great Grilling

17 Summer Veggie Feasts, Beachbody Challenge Winners, P90X Hits the Gym

23 Beach Snacks Under 150 Calories, Vegan Muscle-Building

3 Easy Steps to the Ultimate Home Gym, How to Get Ripped Without ‘Roids’

9 workouts that feel like play, a 10-minute cure for obesity, & more

Healthy food you’ll crave, 10 crazy yoga poses

What to Eat Before Your Workout; Let Your Phone Get You Fit

5 Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Weight, Plus: 19 Low-Calorie, High-Protein Meals

Dating on a Diet Made Easy! Plus, Why You Should Wear a Heart Rate Monitor

Will Drinking Alcohol Stop You From Seeing Results?

5 Moves For Great Biceps + 25 Ways to Be More Productive

The Secret to a Flat Stomach + How to Maintain Your Results