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Shakeology Free Sample

Shakeology has been one of the biggest keys to my awesome results. I’m such a believer in it that I will send you a sample on my own dime if you’d like to try it.

One sample won’t transform your life, but if you are considering Shakeology and are hesitant to buy it before you taste it, that’s what this sample offer is for. If you aren’t serious about ordering Shakeology, please don’t ask me for a sample because it costs me over $5 of my own money to send each sample out. Thanks!

The requirements for receiving a free Shakeology sample are:

1) I  must be your coach. (Just click the button below to join my team. It is totally FREE and you will get the benefit of my personal attention as you go through your fitness journey)

2) You haven’t tried Shakeology before and are serious about ordering Shakeology if you like the taste.

Please put your full mailing address in the comments below or in an e-mail to me at

Thanks for being on my team!

Coach Barry

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