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Posted by Barry on Sep 24, 2012

One Bite at a Time

So I get the message.  For a lot of you it is just too much change at one time for you to start working out six days a week and to also change all your nutrition habits at the same time.  You feel overwhelmed and you quit shortly after you started because it is just “too much to handle”.  I know breaking old habits is hard and I also know that the only way to “eat an elephant is one bite at a time”.

When you have a big problem or a big task to complete how do you do it?  You break it down into small manageable “bites”.  So I am going to break it down for you into small, slow, bites that will help you not only get started, but build some momentum.  This way you will start to realize that “this is not that hard after all” and that “I can really do this”.  So here is a slow step by step plan to get you from the couch into the best shape of your life.  Of course please feel free to do more than one step at a time or even skip some steps and go to the end.  Go at a pace that you are comfortable with just don’t quit!

Step 1

Go to this link, sign up as a coach, and buy Shakeology on the home direct selection.



Why do this?  Am I just trying to get money from you?   The answer is NO!  If you want to go purchase Shakeology from another source, go ahead.  What I am trying to do is to get you to buy Shakeology at the lowest possible price and for you to replace one of your three major meals a day with it.  Let me say that again, replace one of your three daily meals with Shakeology.  If you always skip breakfast, now drink Shakeology in the morning.  If you never have time to get a decent lunch at work and end up eating out of the machine or fast food, now drink Shakeology instead.   What this will do is to give you one super healthy meal a day and also cut out some of the useless calories that you have been taking in.  This one thing will start to not only make you feel much better, but also start you losing weight.  The reason to sign up and buy it this way is that at the third delivery (it comes once a month in a 30 day supply) you break even and it is then cheaper than you can get any other way.  Can I just buy any old meal replacement I want to?  I say no as I know this works and there is nothing better or even close out there on the market that gives you all the benefits Shakeology does.  Want to know more then click on the link below.


Now that you are taking Shakeology, feeling better, and starting to lose weight go to step 2.

Step 2

Start walking.

Take a few minutes of your TV time and go for a walk.  Walk around the neighborhood, walk at the park, walk with friends, or just walk to the mailbox.  Just do anything to get you to start walking daily.  Start out small if you have to and build up slowly over time.  You will be amazed at how fast your endurance will build and before long you will be walking for miles.  The key is to make sure you walk at least 5 to 6 days a week.  As you start to feel stronger be sure to increase the length of your walk or increase your walking speed or both.  It is up to you.  Weather is bad so I can’t walk.  Then be creative and walk up and down your stairs, or walk around the house, or get a treadmill, or join a friend at their gym, or get one of the Beachbody workout programs like Power 90 or Ten Minute Trainer or Slim in 6 that you can do right in front of your TV.  There are always excuses and there are always ways to solve the problems.

Now that you are taking Shakeology and walking you are starting to get in better shape and have a little momentum going it is time to move to step 3.

Step 3

Find a workout program that is right for you.  Read this article to help you decide.


Still having trouble and not sure?  Then ask me, your coach that is what I am here for is to help you every step of the way.  It is another reason I had you sign up in step 1.  You are not alone as you try to get into shape!  Not only can you reach me anytime between my e-mail, website, Facebook, and Twitter; but when I am your coach you also have my cell phone and can call me to ask questions.  I am also not the only source you have if you need help.

You have the whole GooBurners team and we have our own private Facebook page that you also get access to once you are on board.  You can go there and chat with others about your triumphs and your struggles.  You can ask questions and get answers from other people just like you who are going through the same journey.

You have a mountain of information that you can access anytime on the team website . Just type your query in the search box and plethora of articles about your request will line up.

Questions about the workouts?  There is a whole tab just for that.

Nutrition questions?  There is a tab just for that as well.

Need motivation?  There is a tab for that too.

All this support is set up to make sure you succeed.  All you have to do now that you are on the path to regular exercise is get a program and commit to doing it.  Make a real effort to push play every day!  I know life throws you curves, but push right back and try your best to keep it going.  If you have to miss a day then shift and make that your rest day or just get right back at it the next day.   Just don’t let 1 missed day become 2 which leads to 3 days off or you will not achieve your goal or fulfill the promise you made to yourself.  That is why there is help and accountability so you can stay motivated and on course.

Now you have your Shakeology, you are walking; you have now picked out a workout program that you think is right for you, and you are ready to commit to it.  You are ready for step 4.

Step 4

Get plugged in.

You have a coach, you have a team, and you have your program, now you need to make yourself accountable.  The way you help to make sure you continue to work out when the times get tough is to be plugged in to the system.  Go to the team Facebook page daily (at least make a real effort) and put down what you did.  Talk about if it was hard or easy.  Talk about how you really killed it today or if you had to really struggle today.  Share with the team what is going on with you.  If you missed your workout and pigged out on ice cream then let us know.  We have all been through it at some point ourselves and we made it through so can you.  The key is to let others know what you are doing because it is important and knowing the rest of us are counting on you and want to know how you are doing is a great motivator when you feel like stopping.  I have been doing this long enough and can tell you that everyone that was successful at getting into shape had help, support, and was plugged in to a team or some kind of support system that kept them accountable.  The people that start and do not share or get involved end up “falling off the wagon”.  Don’t be one of those people.  Be the success story!  Here are a couple of articles that stress the importance of “plugging in”



Now that you have committed to getting plugged in, have your program, and are drinking Shakeology; you are ready for step 5

Step 5

Get your nutrition right.

As you start to workout you will not only start to see some changes and positive gains, but you will want to know how to fuel your body properly.  Changing your eating habits is probably the hardest part of becoming healthy if you eat the typical American diet.  As I said I would give you the slow and easy to manage way to get to a fit and healthy body so start by cutting out just one or two things at a time.  Start with soda and French fries.  The first week you start on your program just make sure you do drink any soda or eat any French fries.  This may sound simple, but you already know that you should be eating healthier and you know that changing everything at once is too hard.  So start small, just cut out 2 things the first week.  Then continue to cut out the things that you know are bad for you over time. The faster you make the changes the faster you will see results from the hard work you are doing in your workout program.  Start cutting out alcohol, fried foods, sweets, pizza, and so on.  You know what the really bad things are for you and there is a ton of information to help you with your nutrition at the team website.

This is a marathon and you are doing this to get healthy and feel better, but the real key to getting in shape and staying there is the nutrition.  If you want “infomercial” results in 90 days then you are going to have to go “hardcore” on the nutrition.  If you do nothing and stay with the same “American diet” then you will get stronger, feel better, but your results will not be that awesome.  You will lose some weight, but until you start to “feed your body” right you will not get the results we are all looking for.  However don’t quit on me yet.  As I said this is the slow and steady way to achieving health and fitness.  As you continue to work out and continue to get better and better at it, over time you will continue to meet and exceed all kind of goals.  First it will be that you lost that first inch off your waist line.  Next it will be that you can now do a “real” pushup.  As you continue on this journey you will continue to improve physically and continue to improve your nutrition.  YOU WILL GET THERE!  As you learn more and more about your nutrition and apply it you will continue to see your body improve and change for the better.  Here are some articles to help you with your nutrition.



Now on to Step 6.

Step 6

Hang in there.

We all go through ups and downs while we are trying to get fit.  There will be times when you miss workouts, times when you pig out, times when you are just too tired, times when you have an injury, times when family matters overwhelm you.  The key is to not panic when this happens, re-dedicate yourself, and get back at eating and working out.  The rewards are just too great to give up.  Remember these three things.

  1. Remember why you are doing this in the first place (read The Why)
  2. This is a marathon not a sprint.
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