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Posted by Barry on Aug 23, 2014

Barry’s Floating Fat Camp

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So as my missile career continues I am now the test director for one of the instrumentation ships that supports and collects data for missile testing. What we do is several times a year we go out to sea and cover areas that the land based assets cannot. What this does is put 40 plus guys on a ship for 3-4 weeks at a time.

When you are working 12-14+ hours days you look for things to do with the little time you have off to decompress and occupy your mind. One of the things we started last mission was a group of us working out in the ships gym (one of the cargo holds no longer used was turned into a gym) and seeing how much weight we could lose, mass we could gain, and stamina you could increase depending on your goals.

Three of us last mission lost 16, 12, and 12 pounds as we worked out together, ate together, and had fun together. With the success of the last trip becoming known to the whole crew (anything happening on the ship is quickly found out by everyone) we had many more people interested in going to the gym and working out trying to get healthy and slim for this mission.

Matt, Dave, John, and I have been set at our routines again for this trip and all of us have been enjoying watching others ‘jump on the bandwagon” as the group of people working out continues to grow. We have all been giving advice, demonstrating exercises that will help the new guys, and showing them what it takes to get lean and healthy.

It is amazing to me just how cool it is to see a great group of guys that are all good at what they do pull together and have fun working out and getting fit. There are a lot of the guys trying to lose weight, some trying to gain mass, some working on their cardio, but we are all making the most of the little off time we have by working towards our goals and having a lot of fun doing it.

As an example of how our working out has spread throughout the ship everyone refers to us as working out in “Barry’s Floating Fat Camp”. You just gotta love these guys!


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