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Posted by Barry on May 26, 2011

Be An Example

I am continually amazed at how just being in shape and feeling good inspires people.  You don’t even have to say anything as they “see” the changes in you and admire and wish that they had what you have.

My wife lost her aunt to cancer earlier this week and our family drove down to Birmingham for the funeral.  As happens with family gatherings at times like these you see parts of your extended family that you have not seen in quite some time.  As we visit and talk to one another the one thing they of course notice and feel compelled to tell you is how “great you look” and ask you “what have you been doing”.

One of my wife’s cousins came up and asked me what the heck happened to me as I looked 10 years younger than the last time she had seen me.  Another comment was that “how come you look like you keep getting younger while the rest of us keep getting older”. It is amazing to hear this over and over again as being healthy and fit is such an indicator in how positive and great your life is going.

As it is no secret to the majority of my family what I have been doing, it was nice to hear them step in and “spread the word” to the ones that did not.  “He has been doing P90X” and “you should check out his website”.  People want to be healthy and in shape and will always be curious on how to achieve it from people who have already done it.

So as you continue on your own fitness journey and at times when you will lose motivation and may question why you are working so hard, remember that everyone you know is watching.  They are not consciously watching you or waiting for you to succeed or fail, but they will notice the “new” you the next time you see them and will admire and want to know how you became fit and healthy.

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