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Posted by Barry on Feb 1, 2012


I am finding out lately from talking with others and answering questions from team members that there is a real issue with COMMITMENT!  I personally understand the problem as most people can talk about doing something about their fitness, watch infomercials and relate to the people they see and maybe even buy the product with the best of intentions; however unless you do something about your fitness it is going to stay in the “wish” pile.  You know this pile of dreams; it is the one that has the “I wish I was rich”, “I wish I could take a vacation”, “I wish I had that nice car”, and “I wish I was in shape like that person”.  The only difference between making your wish come true and continuing to leave it on the “pile of wishes” is commitment.

I am a great example of this.  If you have seen my transformation video ( then you know I let myself get out of shape and even though I had the P90X DVDs for over a year before I finally tried them, when I did I was totally committed and continue to be for almost two years now.  I get it that our lives are busy and making time for our health and fitness seems to take a back seat, but what I have learned is that it has to become a priority.   I will give you a great example from just this week.  My wife, Paige, was overwhelmed with things that needed to be done around the house, kids activities that seem to be pulling in three separate directions, and only one day off before having to get back to work (my wife is a registered nurse and works different days).  She told me that she came really close to “blowing off” her workout, but then she stopped and realized that her health and fitness is a lot more important than doing another load of laundry or organizing the finances.  Those things are important too, but she would get to them if she could after she made sure she did her workout.  This is the mindset that I am talking about that shows commitment to being healthy, commitment to being fit, and a commitment to taking care of yourself first.

I know it is hard it is suppose to be.  As the quote goes “nothing worth having comes easy”.  I always tell my kids that if it was easy everyone would have it and it would not be worth much.   So be special, be unique, be admired, be the one people talk about all it takes is a real commitment!

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