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Posted by Barry on Aug 28, 2012



Beware I am about to go off a little so if you get your feelings hurt easily then stop reading now.

I have always tried to be nice and pleasant and helpful and try to encourage people with a gentle nudge.   This works well for some, but I’m not so sure this is the right way to help the GooBurner team.

I have noticed as of late that people are sending back product (which means they have given up on the program) and the chatter on the team Facebook page is near non-existent (I am always there sharing what happened to me today and letting you guys know how I am doing, how about some feedback from others).  I don’t know about you but that is not why I am doing this.  I know how to succeed at getting awesome results, maintaining those results, and helping others that want to do the same, BUT I CAN’T DO IT FOR YOU!

If you want to succeed at whatever Beachbody program you have (and I know you do or you would not have started it) then there are only a few things that you have to do to see it through.  This is if you are serious and instead of “wishing you looked like the guy or gal on the box” you are willing to do what it takes to “be the person on the box”.

FIRSTPress play every day.  I don’t mean when it fits into your schedule or when you feel like it or when you have finished everything else.  I mean every day.  I know sometimes plans change and maybe you couldn’t work out when you expected to or planed to.  So what?  When I did my first round of P90X there were several nights when I was in front of the TV working out at 10 o’clock at night!  Just get it in your head that you are going to work out no matter what every day.  If you are sore, tough, work out anyway.  If you are tired, tough, work out anyway.  Got another excuse, guess what tough, work out anyway.

SECOND – Track your nutrition.  If you want results, and everyone wants to see the fat go away, then you are going to have to keep up with everything that goes into your mouth.  I have tons of information on the website about how to track, measure, prepare and succeed with your nutrition.  There is an entire tab on the website dedicated to just NUTRITION.  Want to keep drinking your beer while trying to achieve results then you are shooting yourself in the foot.  You may get some positive results, but they will not be awesome infomercial results.  Want to keep drinking soda, eating candy, wings, pizza, ice cream then go ahead and FAIL!  You will not get in shape unless you have a good nutrition plan, period.  Let me say that again so you know how important it is, YOU WILL NOT GET IN SHAPE UNLESS YOU HAVE A GOOD NUTRITION PLAN!

THIRD – Be Accountable. The only thing that keeps you going after the first few weeks is that you are somehow accountable.  When I was struggling and thinking about stopping it was the thought that I knew my family, friends, and fellow GooBurners were all watching me.  From this you draw a lot of strength to keep going.  Some strength from the ones that are pulling for you to succeed and some strength from the ones who can’t wait to see you fail.  Yes some of your own friends and family will be cheering for you to fail (even though they may not say it to you) and from that you can pull the strength to “prove them wrong”.  The best way to stay accountable is to commit to being a coach.  That way you have others depending on you and believe me it gives you that extra push when you need it.  So if you are serious and looking for a “kick in the butt” to make sure you succeed then sign up.  In fact quit your crying about not getting in shape and click on this link and sign up now!  I’m tired of hearing the excuses, quit being a want-a-be and make it happen.  SIGN UP NOW!  Become a Coach

I am willing to do anything to help you as long as you are serious about getting into shape and are willing to make the commitment.  Call me, e-mail me, Facebook me, and I will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.  What are you waiting for?  You can be in the next infomercial!

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