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Posted by Barry on Jul 29, 2011

Feeling Sick, Should I Workout?

It has been a long long time since I have been sick.  I cannot even remember the last time I had a little cold and this time I had one of those annoying little colds that does not knock you out with the high fevers and chills, but just kind of hangs around making your head stopped up which gives you sinus headaches, runs at a low grad fever so you feel warm, and leaves you feeling really tired and run down.

Of course as I hate to slow down for anything and I certainly did not let it stop me from doing my job or any of the normal things that I do in a week which of course brought up the question of whether I should work out or not.

Working out has so many pluses to it such as getting the endorphins flowing, jumpstarting your brain so that you can think clearly and feel alive, it puts your body in a state of activity so that you feel like being active and not just laying around watching TV all day and helps you to continue to improve your overall health.  However working out does put your body under stress and as it is already working hard to fight off the virus so is it a good idea to work out or not?

We all hate to miss our workout as it has become as important and as much of our normal day as brushing our teeth, but you have to be smart and look at your overall health.  What I decided to do was just “Listen to My Body”.  When the cold first came on I still felt good so I just kept on working out.  What I found out as the days went on was that I was “running out of steam” and feeling weak and not performing as well as I had become use to on certain workouts.  It was obvious to me that my body needed to rest, so I at first just started to modify my workouts and would work on my flexibility (yes this means that I was doing Yoga, hey us guys over 40 need it) and lightened the load in my lifting so it was not so intense.  As the virus continued to work its way through I took a couple days off and made sure that I got more sleep to help out my body.  As I started to feel better I continued to modify for the next few days and as I felt better I went back to my normal level of intensity.

I’m not saying that you should try and work out when you are sick as if you have the flu or something more serious then it is a “no brainer” to rest, but if you feel pretty good and want to do some type of workout then you should.  The key is to “Listen to Your Body” it will tell you exactly what you need to know.

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