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Posted by Barry on Apr 9, 2012

Find Something You Love

If you have been following me then you know that I not only love P90X, but I also owe getting back my health to it.  So it should come as no surprise that I think P90X is the best workout system and that everyone should be doing it.  While that may be true I recently learned a very valuable lesson from my daughter.

My son and I have done multiple rounds of P90X and love it not only for all the lifting, but how it gets you in shape amazingly fast.  So I had tried many times to get my daughters into it as they are looking to get stronger as they workout for their high school competition cheer leading team.  They would work out for awhile with me and my son, but they would soon lose interest and would only do it when it was convenient or they felt like it.

What I finally learned from my daughter is that P90X was just not the right “type” of workout system for them.  I have several of the Beachbody workout programs and one that I had was Chalene’s TurboFire.  My daughter started to do TurboFire and found out that she really enjoyed the workouts.  That as I found out is the key for everyone.  She REALLY ENJOYED the workouts and if you enjoy what you are doing then you are going to stick with it and get results.

Even though my daughter had practice every day where they not only work hard on stunting and flipping, but they also work on their cardio by running every practice.  Even with all that daily exercise, she still gets up early and does TurboFire because she has a lot of fun doing it.

All this time I kept wanting her to “do the workouts I loved” when what I should have been doing was looking to find her a workout that she would love.

So now when I am talking to someone about Beachbody and getting into shape I make sure that I ask them what they are looking for.  Do you want to get toned, ripped, stronger, or bulked up?  What do you like to do is it lifting, cardio, dancing, yoga?  I really explore what they are trying to achieve and try to match it with a workout program that they are going to enjoy, because you gotta FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE if you want to have a good chance of succeeding.

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