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Posted by Barry on Nov 7, 2012

Find Your Island

As many of you know I have been deployed for the past two and a half months and was on an island where although there was plenty of work there was not a lot of life’s distractions such as TV, high speed internet, family, social obligations, you get the idea.  What I learned from my time on Wake was how to control and regulate not only my workout schedule better, but really got a handle on my nutrition.  In other words I realized that no matter where you are you need to find your island in order to succeed.

In all our lives we have routines and we have the chaos that makes up the rest of our days.  What you need to do is to look at your routine and put in your workout when it makes the most sense to you and it will have the biggest chance of being repeated and successful.  When I was on the island it worked for me to get up early (and I am not a morning person) and do my lifting workout before I went to work.  When I am at home I often have to modify my schedule and end up working out in the evening with my kids.   The key here was that I had to find a time that was repeatable and easy to work into a routine.  So the first thing you need to do is to look at your schedule and make sure you put your workout where it has the best chance to not only be done, but also to be repeated so that you get to work out every day.

Next was the nutrition, which is a big part of getting the results you want.  While on Wake Island there is a very strict and structured eating routine as the only place to eat is the chow hall.  So you have breakfast from 7-8, lunch from 1130 – 1230, and dinner from 5-6.  If you do not go at those times you do not eat and there are no other “alternatives” to get something to eat on the island.  So I set up an eating routine of Shakeology at 5am before my workout, 7-8 breakfast, 930 was half a protein bar (I had my wife ship me a care package that included all my workout supplements), 1130 lunch, 1430 was sashimi (from fish caught locally) and egg whites as I would take six hard boiled eggs from breakfast.  Dinner consisted of recovery drink or jerky or protein bar as I would not go to the chow hall as by the time I got to my fifth meal of the day I just was not hungry and I would go for my second workout of the day which was running and pull-ups.  This routine was easy to set up and with the lack of available food otherwise it was easy to stick to the fat shredder plan and I peeled off percent body fat until I was down to 12 percent (measured at a local gym when I got back).  Now it was time to use what I learned on the island and apply it to my routine at home.  This of course was not as easy as the controlled environment of the island, but as it was now a habit I am working it into my “new” routine back home.

So what I learned and wanted to pass on to everyone else is that you can “find your island” no matter where you are or what your schedule is like.  It just takes a little work and some pre-planning to make it happen and soon you will have a new routine that will be helping you in achieving your fitness goals.

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