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Posted by Barry on Apr 12, 2011

Finished P90X, What Now?

I finish up my P90X classes in a few weeks and the question I keep getting is “what do I do after P90X”? This is a very good question as it was one that I asked myself. When I completed P90X I was so pumped with my P90X results. I decided to go and do another round of it, but this time I wanted to get big so I did a hybrid called “Round 2 Maximum Mass”. After completing round two, P90X was starting to become a part of my lifestyle. When completing round two I went on and did one more round. Yes, 3 rounds of P90X. This time I did a hybrid that used a combination of P90X, P90X Plus, Insanity, and One on Ones.  It was kind of a perfect storm of intense lifting and intense cardio as I was trying to push myself to new levels.  By now working out and eating right was embedded into my brain as I had grown so accustomed to it. The one hour workouts did not bother me and I actually looked forward to doing them.

What are some good workouts after the P90X workouts?

Like I said above, I did the some of the Insanity workouts in my third round and also added some of the P90X Plus and Tony Horton One on Ones. It was a great change and very challenging.

There is something to be said about a workout program that can deliver such great results, not get boring, and can still challenge somebody after doing 9 months of it. I will say though that now when I do it, my reps, amount of weights used, and pull up/chin ups continue to improve as I work on the form, increase the weights and find new ways to challenge my body.

Is it OK to take a break after P90X?

It starts with why you wanted to do P90X in the first place. Was it to lose weight? Get in shape? Train for your upcoming sports season? Whatever your “it” was you now need to go out and do it. Your body should be in such great shape now that you need to use it for the purpose intended. For me it was getting in shape for the activities I do around the house as well as keeping up with my kids. In the summer time we are swimming, knee boarding, shooting hoops, riding horses, etc.  During this time I scaled back on P90X and focused on my skills for the game at hand. This exercise augments my P90X and works my body in different ways so when I am still active and working my body in different ways. When winter rolls back around it is time to get back to P90X full time.

So the answer is to keep your goals in mind and keep living the healthy lifestyle.  If you enjoyed P90X then there are lots of ways to keep the workout schedule interesting.  You should also do other activities such as weightlifting, aerobic classes, swimming, whatever it is that you like to do as “variety is the spice of life” and keeping active and eating healthy is a way of life not just a 90 day event.






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