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Posted by Barry on Oct 23, 2012

Fitness is a Choice

I often have wondered why some people struggle so much with their fitness while others seem to follow the same advice and get amazing results.  After helping people for the past three years I believe it all comes down to something as simple as saying that “Fitness is a Choice”.

We all look at others; famous people, friends, co-workers and wonder how they are able to be in such great shape when we are struggling so much with our own.  Take for example someone like the action film star Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.  This guy has what appears to be a fantasy life.  He has tons of money, is very famous because of his movie roles, and lives a life most people only dream about.  He is in unbelievable shape and on the outside it appears that he has the easy life.  However when you start to look closer and see what is really happening; this guy is working harder than most people could ever even think of.  He works out 5 to 6 days a week no matter where he is at (no excuses for traveling or working a lot of hours) and eats clean and healthy no matter where he is at.  He has “made fitness a choice” in his life and that it is important and for him it is.  We see the results of all the hard work and assume it is easy for him.

So it all comes down to you either choose to make fitness a priority in your daily life and make a “real” commitment to it or you don’t.  It is just that simple between being successful at getting into and staying in shape or looking at others and wishing you had what it takes to achieve what they have.

I know that I have taken my fitness seriously and that when I made a commitment to it I was not just hoping or wishing it would happen I was willing to “put in the hard work” to make it happen.   I have been working out regularly (regularly being 5-6 times a week) for three years now and I know what it takes.  I am just like you.  When I have a long day at work and then all evening running around with three teenagers activities followed by a project that has to be done that night and I get only three to four hours sleep that when the alarm goes off I just like you want to lay there and get “just one more hour of sleep”; on those crazy nights I go ahead and get up and do my work out.  Why?   Because I have “made fitness a choice” in my life and I am committed to it.

When you realize that your fitness and health are just as important in your life as making sure your teeth are brushed, doing well at your job to earn a living, that you have taken a shower, that you help and support your family; then you will have finally realized “what it takes” to be successful and will become “one of those people” that you use to look at and wonder how they stay in such good shape because you will be that person.

Make the Choice!

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