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Posted by Barry on Jul 2, 2015

Floating Fat Camp June 2015

Floating Fat Camp FTO-02E1_1


From left to right: Barry, Mark, John, Dave, Matt, Adam, Doug, Jason

Well we finished our little cruise and are back on dry land in Hawaii, so that means we had our final weigh ins to see how everyone did in June’s Floating Fat Camp.

Dave lost 10.2 pounds

Doug lost 7.4 pounds

Matt lost 9.8 pounds

Barry lost 12.2 pounds

John lost 2.8 pounds

Everyone who weighed in lost weight so we are claiming this fat camp a big success!  It is not easy to get up every day and go work out and to watch your diet with so much food around, but everyone took the challenge and won big time.

Now it is time for everyone to go back home and get ready for the next Floating Fat Camp later this summer.

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