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Posted by Barry on Oct 18, 2015

Floating Fat Camp September 2015

From left to Right: Matt, Barry, Dave, John, Adam, Victor

Well the guys were back at it as we had another mission in September so we all hit the gym again as we pulled away from Hawaii with a plan and lots of determination to all make gains and lose weight.  After three and a half weeks of hitting it hard every day here are the results:

Matt lost 12.6 pounds

Barry lost 15.2 pounds

Dave lost 10.0 pounds

John lost 4.4 pounds

Adam lost 10.8 pounds

Once again we are proving that with a plan, determination, smart/healthy eating, and staying accountable to your buddies you can improve your health in just a few weeks.

We are all pleased and excited about the results, but we are also curious to see just how far we can continue to push and improve as we have an October mission that we are all on as well.  So after just a few days in Hawaii we are headed back out with a plan to see just how much better we can be with another three plus weeks of Floating Fat Camp.

Stay tuned for the “October Floating Fat Camp” results next month!

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