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Posted by Barry on Jan 14, 2013

Get It in Gear


Okay so now the holidays are over and as we all do in America it is time to “promise” that we are going to get into better shape and lose weight.  It is a national ritual and if you have done like most of us your diet was not the best during the holiday period.

Just let me start by saying “let it go” it is in the past and although you might have “wished” you had done a better job with your diet or “stuck with your routine” and not had that second piece of pie, you did.  So what; you did it, accept it and move on into making it right.

I myself have re-dedicated to my healthy diet as I did not continue the plan as well during the holidays as I might have liked to.  It is not hard I will just go back to eating the good foods I know I should be eating and start cutting down the portion size (as they seemed to grow over the holidays as I sampled everything) and of course back to tracking it all with MyFitnessPal.

Working out has not been a problem for me as I kept at it during the holidays with help from my family, so I personally only need a little tweak in my nutrition.  However you may be starting from scratch, if so just let me know and I will be glad to help you get started.

For the rest of you, time to stop with the excuses and get it in gear!  Spring is only a couple months away and you don’t want to be headed outside with a “winter spare tire” around your waist!

I have been at this for over 2.5 years now.  I know how to succeed at changing your life and making the changes stay with you.  I personally know that I will be fit for the rest of my life, but just like anyone else I too go through times when I need to “get it back into gear” and I am excited to see the gains I make after this next round of the hybrid workouts that I am doing (P90X2, Asylum, Body Beast Hybrid).

So I expect the GooBurner’s team to join me and to start “hitting it” hard from now until spring time and if you want to join us and change your life then just let me know.


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