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Posted by Barry on Sep 17, 2012

Inner Strength

True strength comes from within.  Not sure who said it, but I know that it is a fact.  As you go through your own transformation you will not only start to get strong physically, but you will be amazed at the inner strength and self confidence that you will gain.

The positive effect that getting your health and fitness under control and the success of making your body stronger goes “hand in hand” with building your self esteem.  I continue to see this effect on myself even though I have been working out and eating healthy for over two years now.

My latest example happened here on Wake Island.  I had decided that I would use the time I am away from my family and “normal” routine to do two special things that I had not done before.  One was to do the workout program Body Beast and the other was to track with great detail all my nutrition to make sure I gave myself the best chance to lower my percent body fat to an all time new low.  In order to follow my new nutrition plan I was cutting out all the sources of calorie intake that did not benefit my program, this included the occasional “social” beer that I would have at parties and gatherings.  I had been two weeks into my program when our group set up a “steak night” at one of the local beach shacks to give everyone a chance to get together and have some down time.  I went to the party with my water bottle in hand and prepared to drink water all night and had factored in the steak into my daily calorie and protein count.  To my surprise it was not only very easy to stick to my plan, but other than being asked a couple times if I wanted a beer there was no “peer” pressure either.  What I realized is that I had become so much “stronger” on the inside of knowing who I am and what I want to do with my health and my life that it took very little to no effort to follow my new nutrition plan.  I had become much “stronger” in a way that I had not really thought of before.

I have also witnessed this in my family.  As my wife and kids continue to eat healthy and work out and meet their goals they flourish and grow.  They are happier, more confident, and willing to try new things where in the past it was easy to just “blow things off”.

So if you needed even another reason to work out and get healthy here it is.  You will increase your self esteem and self worth by gaining control of your health too.

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