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Posted by Barry on Jul 7, 2011

Lean Muscle Mass Rocks

I recently went on vacation with my family to the Florida Keys.  We rented a house on the Gulf side and planned on spending a week enjoying the sun and the water.  As I have been doing P90X for over a year and was in the best shape of my life I was a little curious to see what this week would do to me and how it would affect my body.

Now I am not a stranger to traveling while doing P90X as my job has me travel quite a bit, but I have a routine that I developed for when I travel for work to make sure I get in my workouts and eat right.  This time it would be a little different as I was purposely traveling for fun with my family and planning on taking a week off from my workout routine.

This is not to say that we were planning to just sit all day on the beach and drink margaritas, no we are an active fit family and we just cannot help but to want to do fun and active things.  We went swimming everyday for hours, snorkeling on the coral reefs, went on bike rides as they have bike trails all over the Keys, boating, fishing, kayaking, you get the point we love to “do something”.  So the “workout” part of my vacation was doing new and exciting activities and as this was a “recovery week” for me anyway it was perfect.

However my diet was another thing all together.  I lived on a tropical island for eight years and absolutely love sea food.  So I took full advantage of all the dishes the local restaurants had to offer.  I ate Mahi, Grouper, Oysters, Shrimp, Clams, and just about anything else I could get my hands on.  I also indulged in drinking beer and margaritas and even a soda or two.  So I was ready when I got back for the scale to show how far off the normal eating path I had gone.  To my surprise I was only 3 pounds heavier than the day I left for vacation.  I knew that I felt good and looked about the same, but this was a real shock for someone who up until a year ago was overweight.

As I thought about why I was still basically in the same shape as when I left it hit me like a “ton of bricks”.  My changes had not only been for 90 days but had become my new lifestyle.  I was very active on the vacation so I was burning a lot of calories each day thanks to all that lean muscle mass and even though I may have felt like I was “eating everything in sight” as I looked back I was eating healthy sea food and not eating as much at every meal as I had done in the past.

So if you still think that P90X is a quick 90 day fix that if you stop you will turn back into the person you were before.  Think again.  It becomes a new way of life and you will be healthier and happier than you have been in your whole life.

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