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Posted by Barry on Sep 21, 2010

Let Me Coach You On Your P90X Journey

Welcome to Goo Burners

I am here to help you achieve the kind of weight loss, strength, and fitness goals that you never thought possible!  As a normal guy with an active lifestyle I had no issues with weight or fitness until I fell prey to the American way of life (No Daily Exercise and a Fast Food Diet).  My job, as your coach, is to help you develop the right workout and diet combination to get you the type of body you want.  I got amazing results when I committed to P90X, and it’s what I want for everyone who joins Goo Burners!  And by the way, it doesn’t cost you anything – IT’S FREE! You just provide the sweat and hard work!  Are you ready to BRING IT?  If so then let’s go!  I will keep you on track with motivation, accountability, workout tips, nutrition tips, and some healthy perspectives on life.

If you want the results I had after 90 days it is not going to be easy.  It’s total 100% dedication to the workouts, the nutrition, and the supplements.  If you are serious about changing your life, and if you will commit to me, I will commit to you.  I will help you through your transformation everyday and through every rep.

Just click on the link below.  Remember it’s FREE.

Coach Me


(**If you already have a teambeachbody account, you will have already been assigned a coach.  If your coach has made contact with you and is helping you through the program, GREAT!  Feel free to use my site as an extra bonus!  But if you have been assigned a “dud” coach who isn’t helping you, let me know and I can tell you how to make a coach switch — it’s simple, and it’s your right to have a coach that will help you maximize this program!)

Have Questions?  Post them in the comments section of this or any other post and I will be glad to answer them.

How does this website work?  Well, there are blog sections (motivation, workouts, nutrition, etc.) that I post blogs in with my advice and tips. There are drop-down menus at the top that have links to Beachbody products you can buy (but before you buy something please ask me or read my reviews, because there are many things you probably don’t need in order to be successful and I can help you budget your money wisely), and there are some drop-down menus that link to my story and what I think are the most important things to know about using the workout programs and supplements.  Enjoy looking around!

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