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Posted by Barry on Aug 12, 2011

Love Being a Coach

Something I do not talk a lot about is how much I enjoy being a coach at Beachbody.  I really do not know why I do not talk about it more as I am so focused on working out and helping people stay motivated and trying to help them achieve their goals, but that is exactly what a coach is.

My story is not unique at all as I was an active guy that lost his way as he got older and let the American lifestyle and American diet overtake him and used a whole bunch of excuses as I gained more and more weight to justify why it was OK to be overweight and out of shape.

Then came P90X and changed my life for the better and got me back on the right path of being active and healthy.  I started off so fired up to “give back” and help others like myself that I ran on pure emotion and still do most of the time.  It was all about realizing what was “really important” in life which of course is your health and your family.  The reason I put family in there is that my decision to change has affected my whole family and made them healthier by eating right and being much more active.

If you have had this revelation and have started to transform your lifestyle then you should take it to the next level by becoming a coach yourself.  By becoming a coach you have decided to make a stronger commitment to being fit and will be surrounding yourself with other people who   feel the same way you do.

It also makes you accountable.  Many times I have been motivated by the fact that I know that if I am to lead the GooBurners then it has to start with me.  I have to work harder and continue to push myself as I have a lot of people counting on me.  This is not a bad thing as the pressure I put on myself is self generated, but helps me to become the best I can be.

Helping people is awesome.  I do not care if you are a technical engineering personality like me or a free spirited artist.  Nothing feels better then helping someone and seeing that look on their faces when they start to see results and the smile from ear to ear as they start to feel better and get healthy.

Keeping people motivated.  This one is easy if you lead by example and continue to do your workouts and share with others what you are doing and how you have found success.  Everyone goes through times when they lose focus or feel out of sorts, but having someone to talk to or lean on means all the difference in succeeding or failing.

You have help.  If you decide to become a coach there is a ton of help not only from myself, but my whole up-line of coaches that has helped me to learn how to help others and to be successful at it.  We will help you every step of the way as you start to share your story and passion from how to share with others all the way to setting up your own website (if you want to) like I have.

Make some money for yourself as you help others.  There is a whole business side to being a coach and if you want to you can turn it into your own “workout” business as an addition to your life (like I have) all the way to making it a full time job if you want to put the work in.

It all comes together to the fact that I have found something I absolutely love to do (as have many others) that has a huge personal satisfaction payback that also makes me money. If you think this is something that would be to hard or scary for you then you are wrong.  I will be there every step of the way to help you as will the rest of my team.

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