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Posted by Barry on Sep 27, 2012


The dictionary describes momentum as:


  1. The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.
  2. The impetus gained by a moving object.

The impetus gained by a moving object.  This means that as an object (You) starts to move you gain more and more energy.  You see it all the time in sports.  One team will start to get things going right and then it just keeps building and building and the opposing team just cannot do anything to slow them down.

It is the same with making the decision to try and get fit and healthy.  Once the decision is made and you make the first move, say you start to cut back on your food or you start walking after dinner, then you start to build a little momentum and continue to build on that and move to the next step of making a plan to keep the momentum going.

All it takes is you actually taking the first steps and then the next ones get easier as your momentum takes you from the couch, to working out, to getting your family involved, to setting new goals that you thought you would never be able to achieve, to living a full and happy life.

Sound too easy?  Well trust me it is not.  The decision to make a change like this is hard and to actually do all the work to not only work out, but also start to eat healthy nutritious food is going to test you and you will want all the momentum and help you can get.

That is why it is so important to have a good plan, with good information, and a support system to not only keep you on track, but to make sure all your hard work gets results and you are not wasting any energy or time.  That is what the Beachbody programs come with and why they are so successful time after time.  I am living proof that they really really work.

So make that decision today.  Try making one or two positive changes and start to build some momentum and see where it takes you.  Then get a hold of me when you are ready and we can take all that momentum you have started to build up and take you to the next level.  All it takes is desire and determination.  Just like the team GooBurner credo.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Strong, Stay Determined.  The Results Will Come.

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