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Posted by Barry on Jan 29, 2013

Motivation, Pass It On


I have been at this for a while now and although I know I am doing right by myself you would like to think that you are also helping others to get their health back and put on a path of enjoying life.  I work hard and really enjoy what I am doing but everyone needs some feedback every now and again that what they are doing is worth it all.  I had one of those moments this week with my daughter Alexandra.

When I first started doing P90X as you know from my story (if you have not read it then read it now My Story) my son and I were at it with my wife, but my daughters although interested were not really “into it”.  I mean they have a very full workout schedule as it is with all the competition cheerleading and gymnastics going on year round.  So they jumped in every once in a while for fun and to do something together, but they did not have the “passion” that we had.

Slowly over the last two and a half years my oldest daughter was slowly getting into it more and more.  First she started with Turbofire which she enjoyed for the music, Charlene, and all the dance like moving that you did.  She quickly wanted more and started doing Insanity.  When she started to get results from Insanity she was starting to get hooked.  After her round of Insanity she could not wait to get the Asylum to continue to push herself.  She set a goal to be able to do more pull-ups then any of her friends and started doing a hybrid of Body Beast/P90X2/Asylum to help with her strength conditioning.  Although I was seeing my daughter’s passion grow I did not realize that she had gotten to the point where she was starting to re-motivate me until recently.

It hit me when I can home the other day and I was feeling run down, tired, and unmotivated.  We all have these days and to be honest I was headed for couch time and then bed.  I walk in and here is my daughter in her workout clothes with a big smile on her face full of energy and she asks “hey dad I’ve been waiting for you to get home to see if you wanted to work out with me”.  It was then that I realized that my daughter’s passion and drive had been instilled in her by me over the last two and a half years as I would go out and work out often by myself that I was showing her by example how to get fit and healthy.

So of course my response back was a big “yes I do, just let me change into my workout clothes”.  The feeling of knowing that I have helped to instill in my kids a sense of passion, drive, determination, and a never give up attitude was just the “attaboy” I needed at this time.  I have been re-energized and look forward to working out and meeting new goals side by side with my kids.  What more could a dad ask for?

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