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Posted by Barry on Feb 3, 2011

My Coach and P90X:MC2

They still haven’t started filming the new P90X:MC2 workouts, but it will begin filming in March.  The planned release date will be the end of 2011.  And for those of you who don’t know my coach, Wayne Wyatt, was invited to Dallas back in October for an MC2 tryout.  It stated it was an early morning workout with Tony, out on the grass, in the cold, dark, wet morning air — him and about 150 other MC2 hopefuls.

The following is from my coach, Coach Wayne:

I am pleased, thrilled, and pumped beyond belief to inform y’all that I will in fact be in the MC2 workout videos!!!!!!  It’s a dream come true … I can hardly believe it.  Just a year ago I was fat, out of shape, and never in a million years would have guessed I’d ever see my abs, let alone be in a workout video.  And here, less than a year later, I’ve been so blessed to be selected to be part of the most successful workout video series ever!  What an awesome feeling!  I am humbled beyond belief, and so thankful to the Lord for blessing me, to my family for encouraging me, and to all of you all for keeping me going strong and pushing me to achieve more than I ever thought possible.  God allowed me this privilege for a reason, so I just want to be sure I make the most of it!

He goes on to explain:

As for how the casting works, the videos will be like the original P90X, with Tony plus 3 other people on each workout.  They are splitting up the cast so each person will be in one workout (lots of variety of people from video to video).  And I’m not sure exactly why or how they picked who would do what, but I got assigned ………. drum roll please …… a CARDIO workout!

Were you thinking I’d say a lifting workout?  Yeah, that’s what I was expecting too.  I was ready to CRUSH any lifting/pushup/pullup workout they threw at me.

But hey, I can’t complain.  Especially if it’s a cardio video that y’all will have to do every week (instead of rotating them like the lift videos).  That way y’all can look at my pretty face more often LOL!!!

What’s more, there are some other folks you’ll recognize in the MC2 videos.  Josh Spencer, my coach, made the lineup.  And so did his coach, Barbie Decker.  This will be A LOT of fun!!  Josh is doing an upper body lifting workout (lucky dog!), and Barbie is doing a core workout.

So I wanted to say congratulations to my coach who has inspired me to push myself and continues to show me that the sky is the limit if you just work hard and help others achieve their goals as well.

Congrats Wayne!

If you want to check out Wayne’s amazing transformation click on the link below:

Wayne Wyatt’s Transformation

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