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Posted by Barry on Sep 27, 2010

My P90X Story

I was always a healthy, fit kid as I grew up on the tropical island of Kwajalein, in the Marshall Islands, then my family moved back to the states. There I began a steady decline in my fitness and eating habits starting in elementary school. I was becoming obese even though I was participating in all the community sports such as baseball and football and this trend continued until I wanted to become a member of my middle school’s football team. I trained for a year at D1 which helped but with my continued diet of burgers and pizza there was not a significant change.

I made the school football team and played which got me into good shape but not great shape. I never got the ripped muscular shape that I felt I should be getting from all the work. Soon after football season ended I started to put back on my weight as I went back into my old eating habits and minimal exercise routine.

I was cleaning out the workshop, which by the way has now turned into our P90X workout room, to set it up as a kid’s entertainment room. While cleaning I found the P90X disks and showed my dad and we decided to “give it a try”.

IT WORKED GREAT! The first P90X round was tough but I kept pushing play and steadily increasing the intensity on my workouts. I got awesome results and continue to build on them even today. As I continued to grow in the P90X system I found myself having a lot of questions which lead me and my family to find a Beachbody coach that could help us continue to grow and increase my  workout intensity. I hope I can do the same for others and help others as they go through their P90X journey to help them achieve the same awesome results.

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