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Posted by Barry on Sep 24, 2010

My P90X Story

I had always been an active guy and never had to worry about my weight too much. I moved to a tropical island called Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands for most of my 30’s and the lifestyle out there was very healthy and active.  The island is only 3 miles long by a half mile wide and is very isolated, but the 3000 Americans living and working there formed a very tight friendly community.  You cannot have cars (other than a few work vehicles) so everyone rides bicycles wherever they go.  This means going the grocery store you load up the groceries in a trailer you pull behind your bike as well as when you start having kids (and my wife and I had three while there) you pull them around as well (not to mention having to bike to your job site everyday!).  To further make the lifestyle healthy there were only 2 TV stations so everyone stayed outside in the “perfect” weather and played softball, fished, went scuba diving, went to the beach swimming, etc.  You also had only two choices for dining out (the chow hall or the snack bar) so you learned to cook at home and eat a healthy diet.

Then I moved back to the states after 8 years of tropical, healthy living and fell into the typical American lifestyle.  I drove everywhere, watched lots of TV with hundreds of channels to choose from, ate the easy to get fast food, dined at all the wonderful restaurants, and replaced all that physical activity with work, kids, and the couch.  I started to gain weight and would try occasionally working out at a gym or running laps at the local school, but it was never regular and the weight continued to climb.

Then I got back from a fishing trip with some of my “Kwaj” buddies and was shocked to see myself and how big I was.  My memories of us all together fishing on Kwajalein had me as a much fitter looking person then the large guy I was seeing in the pictures.  IT WAS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

I had remembered seeing the P90X disks stored out in our workshop when I was cleaning it out a few weeks before the fishing trip and decided to give it a try.  It was tough in the beginning as I was having trouble doing most of the exercises and was so sore that I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, but I was determined to get my health back and to get strong.  I just kept “pushing play” and taking Tony’s advice to just “do your best and forget the rest”.  I was working out in the privacy of my own home so there was no one to judge me if I was having to do pushups on my knees, or having to stop the tape to catch my breath in order to continue.  What happened over the next three months was nothing short of amazing.  I started to improve in all areas, by tracking my progress I would always try to just “do one more rep than the last time” and I went from doing pushups on my knees to doing clapping pushups.  To having to use the chair to do just one pull-up to being able to do corncob pull-ups (you will learn about those little beauties once you start the program).  I started to feel great and the weight was melting off of me.

My wife and kids were impressed not only with the physical change I had made, but also the increased energy I had and the “upbeat” attitude that I was now displaying.  They became curious as to what was going on with this “P90X thing” and started to follow me in eating healthy and working out with me.  So we are all now working out together as I start my second round (I am doing the P90X Hybrid, Maximum Mass) and I had to move from the living room to a homemade gym out in the now cleaned out workshop.  I put in a 16 foot pull-up bar, workout mats over the whole floor, two TVs tied into the DVD player so everyone can follow along as well as putting mirrors on the walls.

As I continue to grow and learn about P90X and the Beachbody family, I found out that it was a lot easier if you have someone to help guide you.  In other words I needed a coach.  I found Coach Wayne Wyatt while looking for some tips on how to break through a plateau I was on with my pull-ups and found out that I had been missing a very helpful and useful part of the P90X program.  With Coach Wayne’s help and the Beachbody products and supplements I am continuing to amaze myself and have been inspired to become a coach myself.  I want to pass on the passion and excitement I feel and help others like myself to achieve their fitness goals and to “Bring IT”.  I have started my own website and will continue to help anyone who asks for help on their fitness journey.

Coach Barry Colclough

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