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Posted by Barry on Jul 19, 2011

On The Road Again

It had been quite awhile since I had to travel and I had gotten pretty set in my daily workout and nutrition routine at home.  I am not counting the family vacation as I expected that to be a “recovery week” but I am away on business for a week and had to re-learn what I had known so well when I was traveling a lot last year.

Don’t get me wrong I know what to do as I have had a lot of practice in the past, but it is funny how you only remember the good stuff and not how hard it is to get out of your normal routine and be challenged by working long hours, only the American diet of large portions and fatty food available, and no weights in your room.

So to make sure I get to keep “doing what I love” I did the following to not only make sure I could keep on track, but to keep improving.

First I made sure when I packed that I packed workout clothes, brought enough Shakeology packets, brought my recovery drink, my protein bars, and all my supplements.  This way I know I have the tools I need to keep strong and healthy.  My plan when I travel is to have Shakeology for breakfast as I am always in a hurry in the mornings and this way I know I get something good and healthy first thing in the morning.

Second is the workouts.  I have all of the videos on my laptop so I can play them when I need and it is much more convenient then carrying a bunch of disks.  I try and book a hotel that has a gym with dumbbells and a pull up bar (you can check online to see what they have or call them), if not I take my bands and doorway pull up bar.  I also try and make sure I get up early to workout first thing in the morning as I cannot really control how the work day is going to go and if I workout in the morning then I know I will not skip my workout that day.  However you have to be flexible and if I don’t work out in the morning I workout at night.  Sometimes it is an abbreviated version as I do not have a full hour, but I make sure I do something.  Upper, Middle, Lower (UML) from the 1 on 1 series is something you can do in the hotel room that is quick and intense.

Last is the nutrition.  I already told you how I handle breakfast with Shakeology so that just leaves the rest of the day.  I have my protein bars in my backpack in case we cannot get away and I get hungry other than that you just have to be smart.  Subway is a place that I go as you can get good food and nothing there is that bad.  The other thing I do is that all restaurants like Chili’s and TGIF have salads, chicken, and other good dishes I just try and make sure I don’t eat all the food as portions are so large.  I often just order off the appetizer list as they are closer to the size meal I want and add a salad.

It all boils down to what we are all already doing anyway which is we have made a commitment to get in shape and when you travel you just have to plan and make smart decisions.  I knew this I just had to re-learn it again.

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