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Posted by Barry on Nov 5, 2010

P90X and Football

I love football!  At my house it is pro football mixed in with a little college football.  On Sundays we have the NFL Sunday Ticket package from Direct TV and watch the Red Zone in HD!

My son and I compete (and sometimes my wife and daughters join in) with each other in a daily fantasy football match in that we pick our players from the early games and compete with points as we watch the early and afternoon games.  It helps to add that extra competitive itch to watching all the big plays on the Red Zone.

So how do I work in P90X with my love for football?  Answers below:

First Sunday is my off day: On my normal schedule Sunday is our “rest” day.  This makes it easier for me to spend the 4-5 hours of couch time as time for my body to recover.  Of course since we have an active American household with school sports, music, horses, etc, for all the things that come up and may cause me to miss a workout during the week then Sunday is the “catch up day”.  In this case I make sure we get the workout in first thing in the morning.

Snacking during the game: As with every other day we stick with our healthy diet and make sure we keep our caloric intake on schedule as I am not going to give up my gains for one day of “pigging out”.  We plan to have our favorite snack for the games which is fresh avocados mixed with fresh salsa and scooped with blue corn baked chips.  I use 3-4 avocados and about 5 oz of salsa for the whole family to snack on.

Too much energy to sit: My son and I cannot just sit for 5 hours as we have become to fit and active, so what we do once again to make it more fun is that when I score points on my fantasy team he has to do push-ups and vice versa.  We of course mix it up with different style push-ups all the time giving one another a hard time about it.  We also Tivo the Red Zone so when we need to stop to make the guacamole dip, go outside and throw football, or take care of all the things that pop up during the day we can come back to finish our games without having missed a single play.

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