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Posted by Barry on Feb 25, 2011

P90X: Bringing It To The Students!

As I continue on my journey of fitness and being a coach for Beachbody I have started to make my presence known in my community and city.  I have become “The P90X Guy” and from the recent events of starting to teach P90X classes at one of the local health clubs in my area ( 24-7 Health Clubs) and being selected for the new P90X infomercial the word is getting around.   To this I was recently asked if I would come to the local middle school and talk to the students about P90X, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.  Of course spreading “the word” about fitness is a no brainer so I went by and gave the students a small presentation and demonstration to try and show them just how easy it can be to get into shape and transform into a more healthy lifestyle.

Some of the students also did a presentation of their own (it was part of an assignment on health and fitness and they decided to do P90X which is how I got invited) that included my transformation pictures and a display on healthy snacks versus junk food.

The whole event  was a big hit and I have been asked by one of the coaches to come back next week and put their team through a workout.  As these are student athletes I’m think Plyometrics is a good place to start.  BRING IT!



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