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Posted by Barry on Jun 21, 2011

P90X the Cure for Snoring

I had meant to write about this for quite some time as it was something that happened to me that was totally unexpected as part of my 90 day P90X transformation.  The reason it kept slipping my mind was that it did not really affect me (well not as much as it did my wife) so with all the wonderful things that come with taking back your health it seemed to get overlooked.

I’m talking about the fact that when I did my first round of P90X and dropped 30 pounds of fat I stopped snoring.  Now of all the things that I expected as I started P90X not snoring anymore was not even on the list.   Yet after I lost the weight my wife told me “You know, you don’t snore anymore” so this was a very welcomed “side effect” of getting in shape and made me wonder why.

As I looked into it a little bit I found out that if you started snoring once you had gained weight (as I did) and did not snore before then losing the weight should solve the problem.  What happened is the weight I gained around my neck was squeezing the internal diameter of my throat making it collapse while I slept thereby making me snore.

Being overweight also made me more likely to sleep on my back as getting comfortable with a big belly in the way is tough except for lying on your back.  This position also contributes to snoring in that by lying on your back it makes the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat causing a vibrating sound (snoring).  My normal position is on my side and with no belly in the way I stay that way all night.

Another reason I discovered was that being dehydrated helped contribute to snoring.  The way it works is that the secretions in your nose and soft palate become stickier when you are dehydrated and that can create snoring.  While I do not know if this was contributing to my snoring or not I can tell you that once you start working out you start to drink a lot more water and staying “hydrated” is just part of the routine.  Your body will start to “crave” water and I find myself drinking water almost continuously all day.

So this is not to say that there are not more reasons for snoring as “skinny people snore too”, but for me my snoring was self inflicted by the lifestyle I had been living and all the extra weight I had put on my body because once I “got back into shape” the snoring went away.

Or that is what my wife tells me anyway as I of course never heard myself snore anyway.

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