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Posted by Barry on Aug 30, 2012

Plugging In

I want to talk about “Plugging In” and how important it is to staying the course, pressing on toward our goals, and seeing the MAX results we want.

All too often I see people “Bailing Out” and falling off the wagon.  Most often, it’s the ones who never really Plugged In to begin with.  Look at our GooBurner Challenges.  Look at the names of the people who have been posting, participating, and commenting from the beginning.  Most of them are still in it.  They are still CRUSHING it!  They still update us with their progress, their continued results, and they still have the passion.  It’s because they have made full use of the resource we have here — that resource being TEAM!  We are a team!  We are so much stronger than any one person.  That’s why I got into this.  I realized that even though I had a great 90 day transformation, I wouldn’t be able to maintain my intensity and commitment forever in isolation, on my own.  I knew that I needed to connect with others for motivation, encouragement, and to push each other to be our best.

When people email me to say they’ve fallen off the wagon and can’t get the motivation to start back up or push play, inevitably it’s a person I’ve never heard of — because they have never been part of our GooBurner community.  Sure, they may have made me their coach, but they aren’t on the website or team Facebook page, commenting, asking questions, posting their insights and ideas, and encouraging others.  They never got in the game in the first place, so it made quitting way too easy!  My response is always to tell them to PLUG IN!  Get on the website, read the articles, starting with motivational articles, and watch the videos.  We have a team here that they are invited to be a part of, but they have to plug in and get ready to “Bring It”!

Are you losing motivation?  Have you Bailed Out?  Have you never really Plugged In?  Then I leave you with this challenge:

Plug In!  Tell someone else “way to go”!  Be a giver, not a taker.  The motivation will take care of itself!

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