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Posted by Barry on Feb 1, 2011

Push to Failure

Failure.  We all hate it!  We hate to fail.  We much prefer success.  But guess what?  You can’t have success unless you make yourself vulnerable to failure.  Do you want success with your P90X / Insanity transformation?  You have to be willing to push yourself to the point of failure!  Do you want success with your job / relationships / etc.?  Then you have to go beyond your comfort zone and go all-in!  Sure, you risk failure, but the rewards are so worth it!

Did you know that most successful people have failed many times before becoming successful?  Success takes work, and if you let your fear of failure keep you from trying to succeed, guess where you’ll end up?

I had tried several times to “get in shape” after the years of kids/work/and bad habits had taken their toll on my body.  I bought the goofy “get ripped in 7 seconds per day” gimmicks, I had done the gym memberships, I had tried jogging, biking, starving myself, etc.  I kept failing.  But I wasn’t ready to hang it up!  I knew there had to be a way!  And I found it in P90X.  I went all-in, left all excuses at the door, and gave 100% of myself to the workouts, the diet, and the supplements.  I am now a “Success Story”!

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone, risk the potential to fail, and go for it?  Do it!  Make no excuses!  And commit 100%.  P90 / P90X / Insanity will help you SUCCEED!

The same can be said for the actual workouts.  They key to maximizing the workouts and getting the most transformation is to push yourself to the point of failure.  If I were to go through all exercises without failing, my muscles wouldn’t be forced to respond.  But I intentionally use weights that I either barely get 8-10 reps, or I fail trying.  And that failure is what gets me the change I’m after.

Are you getting to the end of a P90X lift workout without your arms feeling like they are about to fall off?  Are you getting to the end of an Insanity workout without feeling like you need to collapse in a pool of your own sweat?  Then you might consider pushing yourself closer to your point of failure.  It will lead to greater success!

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