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Posted by Barry on Mar 17, 2012


Sooner or later it happens to everyone.  You are in a great groove, working out, eating healthy, and then something in your life changes and knocks you out of that groove.

It can be your job all of a sudden requires you to travel, your kids’ schedules change as they get older and more involved with after school activities, you have some kind of health issue (this happened to my wife as she was 25 lbs down doing P90X and had to have her gallbladder removed) or something as small as a sudden lack of motivation.  Whatever the reason realize that you are not alone and everyone that makes the decision to get healthy at some point is going to face some type of hardship, the key is to accept it and then Re-Dedicate yourself to getting back “in the groove”.

I’m going to use my son as a great example of how an injury “knocked him out of his groove” and then how he worked his way back into a new and different groove that put him back on the path to getting strong and healthy.  First of all my son’s injury was from football and it was his elbow.  He had to have micro-fracture surgery and then there is rehab as the elbow starts to get back its strength and over a period of six to eight months before you are back to being able to stress it like you did before the injury.  Now this totally “knocked him out of his groove” as he was doing a lot of lifting with me (as we both love lifting) as we did different hybrids of P90X using the One-on-One series and added in some Insanity.  Did he quit working out and decide to just sit on the coach and play Xbox?  No he came up with his own hybrid that would allow him to keep working out, but not stress his elbow.  He decided to work on his core and cardio to increase in these areas while his elbow was on the mend (see his hybrid here Cody’s Elbow Hybrid).  He then decided to follow it up with a round of Insanity and modified the push-up moves as he slowly started to gain back strength.

I have had it, my family has had it, I’m sure you have had it if you have been on your fitness journey for at least a year or more.  Be ready for the tough times, know that they are part of the journey, and Re-Dedicate yourself when they happen.  There are a lot of resources to help you out there as you are not alone when you hit a “rough patch”.  Lean on me and your teammates at GooBurner, lean on your family and friends, your workout buddy, whatever it takes but DON’T GIVE UP! Just Re-Dedicate!

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