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Posted by Barry on Jul 8, 2013

Reignite Your Passion


I have been working out, getting healthy, and helping people do the same for several years now.  I had fallen into a routine of doing the things I liked to do which consisted mainly of lifting weights a lot, posting on my website, and working out with my family.

I started to questioned why I was not reaching many new people as it seemed that all my momentum had slowed down and that although I was still doing a whole bunch of things right, I was not moving at the blazing pace I had in the past.  For a while I just justified this as what must happen that all things slow down and become routine and predictable.  However this did not sit right with me and I knew that I was missing something.

So I started to throw myself into Beachbody Coaching hard.  I went back to my coach and started back at square one to see where I had lost that intense, solar burning passion and how to get it back.

What I discovered is what happens to a lot of us.  I had become comfortable and was no longer pushing myself out of my comfort zone so that I could continue to grow as a person.  I immediately went out and started telling people about how P90X changed my life, started a new challenge group, and started reading or watching personal development tools.

What has happened in the last couple weeks has been awesome.  I have a good friend and neighbor that took the challenge with me and we are working out together every day at the GooBurner’s Gym.  I had several other people also sign up and we are all sharing our struggle together on our challenge page.  I have been hitting my workouts with a new intensity as I have set new personal goals.  I also got out of my comfort zone and I am posting pictures almost daily of our work out group and myself to help motivate all of the GooBurner team.

So I took steps to REIGNITE MY PASSION as I felt it starting to get old, familiar, and routine.  You can get back that feeling or get it for the first time by doing the same things I did.  Join our challenge group, start working out, and get out of your comfort zone and start to really feel life!

Start Working Out

With P90X!

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