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Posted by Barry on Nov 10, 2011

Surprise! You Are Accountable

I recently set up a Fall Challenge for the GooBurners team as I wanted to get people motivated again and for us to all share in the experience as a small dedicated team.  Nothing brings people together like struggling together on the same task as you encourage, motivate, and help each other achieve the same goal.  Having done several rounds of P90X, P90X Hybrids, and some Insanity I figured going back and doing the classic P90X would be good as I had not done a “classic” round since I taught the P90X class at the local gym. What I got was a lot more than I expected.

First, I knew that my wife was anxious to get back to working out regularly as was my son so I knew that they would be two of the “regulars” for the challenge team.  What I did not expect was that my two daughters who are both competition cheerleaders (the cheerleaders that do all the gymnastic style moves of back flips and building complex pyramids) would be joining us even at the crazy hour of four thirty in the morning.  As school athletes they are already working out every day after school which includes combinations of aerobics, strength training, learning complex synchronized routines, as well as gymnastics training twice a week.  When I asked my daughters why they wanted to join us in our workouts, I discovered that they were both interested in increasing their upper body strength, flexibility (this from girls that can do splits), and over all aerobic conditioning.  They had seen how P90X had transformed their dad and they knew that if the rest of the family was doing it that they could get a lot of athletic benefit from working out with us.

The second surprise was that two friends of ours were interested in joining the challenge so that they could “get back in shape”.  When they saw me put out the challenge on Facebook, even though they had never done P90X or even had the discs they jumped on board and ordered the discs and got a bag of Shakeology.  To see people determined to get healthy and fit especially if they are your friends makes me want to work even harder at helping people to get fit.

Lastly I was surprised at how I felt about the team.  I recently went on business travel and after getting up at four in the morning and traveling all day I arrived at my hotel that evening feeling tired and beat.   Just as I was about to lay on the bed and turn on the TV and watch it for the rest of the evening I remembered my team, the challenge, and the promise I had made to them.  If I expected them to “stick to the program” then I most certainly could not miss a workout just because I was feeling tired.  So I booted up my laptop (I have all the workouts stored on my laptop) and completed my workout.  Not only did I feel great after the workout, but I had to get on the team Facebook page and thank the others for holding me accountable.  This was the kind of motivation I needed and had not expected to get from the challenge.  The response I got back from my teammates congratulating me on pushing through and encouraging me was something that you just don’t get from sitting on your butt and watching TV.

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