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Posted by Barry on Oct 8, 2012

Survivor Meets The Biggest Loser

As I go into my 8th week on Wake Island it has occurred to me that we are going through an experience that is a lot like Survivor the TV show and also some of the same characteristics as The Biggest Loser TV show.

We have all been put on a small island with limited resources and have been asked to perform a very important task all the while trying not to go crazy from the isolation and shock of being placed in such a remote setting.

People all handle it in different ways.  We have the “drinking tribe” which looks to kill the down town with lots of fun, drinking, and socializing whether it be outside the barracks at the picnic tables or at the tiny bar on the few nights it is open.

We also have the “depression tribe” which are the people who just go from the job to their rooms where they just stay and no one really sees them after work.  We assume they are all reading, watching movies, sleeping, or even meditating all we know is that they do not leave their rooms except to eat and work.

We have the “adventurous tribe” which are the people who are trying to do anything to help pass the time after work such as walking the reef looking for stuff, flying kites, kayaking, or sitting down by the lagoon.

The last group is the one that resembles the “Biggest Loser tribe”.  They are the ones that have decided to try and take advantage of the nice warm weather and get into shape and lose weight.  I am of course in the last group as I have decided to do Body Beast, watch my nutrition carefully, and try to get a new low on my percent body fat.  You can see all of us (and I am most certainly not the only one doing this) in the gym in the morning and after work, running the island, kayaking the lagoon, biking, or just taking a nice long calorie burning walk.  I have even gotten a few people into P90X and Body Beast.

The main difference from the TV show is that you do not have someone like Jillian yelling at you to do more reps or to pick up the pace, so you have to stay self motivated.  However you can see all the people stop by at some point to the gym for “the weigh in” and of course we tell each other how we are doing and how much weight we have lost or how much more weight we are now lifting.

So I am just going to call it Survivor: Wake Island’s Biggest Loser and keep pushing hard to meet my own goals by the time I get to finally leave so that I will have something substantial to show for my time on Wake.

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