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Posted by Barry on Mar 20, 2012

The Answer

I get asked all the time about how to stay motivated.

Starting P90X / Insanity / Power 90 / etc. is not hard!

Staying with it is what’s hard!

So many people start strong but fade fast.  Either they cave in to the diet and don’t see results, or they get tired and start to skip workouts, or they let distractions interfere with their workouts and end up falling behind.  Then they turn to me for help and ask how I manage to stick with it so consistently when it’s so “hard” for them to do it.

My answer to them is always the same.  It’s hard for me too!  Sure I’d like to sleep in, hit the pizza buffet at lunch, munch on junk food all afternoon, and go out for Mexican food for dinner.  But I won’t do it!  Why?  Because I have a group of people that I’m accountable to.  And honestly, those temptations that used to seem so overwhelming aren’t even on my radar most of the time anymore because I’m plugged into “The Answer” that keeps me charged up and ready to conquer my fitness goals.

When I am tempted, the first line of defense is my own willpower.  That works most of the time.  But when I want to cave in and skip a workout or have a cheat meal, I think about the band of brothers and sisters I have right here at the GooBurner team, and I know that I CAN’T let them down.  I WON’T let them down!  And of course I think back to my “Why” (the reason I started all of this in the first place) — which was to take care of the life and the body that I have and to set the right example for my kids.

Just look at the people on the GooBurner challenge.  They would probably be the first to say how much harder they push themselves because they have a bond with the other people on here and they have real accountability.  I’ve even had the opportunity to see a few of you fade out for a month or two, then come back and re-commit by truly plugging into the community here.  Now I see those same people fired up and making huge progress!  That’s what I’m talking about!

The support we have here at GooBurners, on the challenge, and on the Facebook page, is THE ANSWER!  If you are running low, PLUG IN!!  Get recharged!  I can almost guarantee you that the people who lose motivation and fade out are NOT on the GooBurner challenge, and they are NOT on the team Facebook page.  They slowly fade out because they are disconnected from the team!

You don’t have to look for motivation.  It’s right here! Look at the commitment of our GooBurner members.  How can that NOT keep you motivated?

And think about your “Why” — why did you want to do this in the first place.  Has that changed?  Probably not!  So Bring it!!!

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