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Posted by Barry on Mar 22, 2013

Winners Do It

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This is going to be a motivational article as I read a lot about how people are struggling and wondering why they are not achieving their goals. It is not going to be what you want to hear as I am not going to hold your hand and tell you that it is “OK” and if you wish hard enough your goals will come true.  Quite the opposite, I am going to help you find your reason to make your health and fitness a priority in your life and to quit with all the excuses.

Turning Point

Everyone who has achieved anything of value had something that got them started or motivated them to go after this tough goal and helped to motivate them when things got tough, because as many of you have found out things will get tough.  It may be that you went to your High School reunion and saw all your old friends and realized that you had let yourself get out of shape.  You may have started to have some health issues as you have gotten older and went to the doctor only to find out that your lifestyle is killing you and that you are boarder line diabetic.  For me it was going on a mancation fishing with my buddies from my time on Kwajalein and seeing pictures of myself after the trip and realizing that I had let myself become the “fat guy” in the group.  This was my personal turning point and when I became very motivated to make a change and believe me I still to this day use those thoughts and feelings to help motivate me when the times get tough.  So you need to take some time and decide why you are making the change to working out and eating healthy.  Get angry, get determined, get whatever you need to motivate you to quit the excuses, quit the whining, and be willing to do “whatever it takes” to be a winner and get back your health.

Succeed or Fail

Now that you have tapped into a huge bucket of motivation and determination now comes the tough part.  If you want to succeed then you have to do what all winners do.  You have to put in all the hard work, make all the hard decisions, and fight off all the negative influences that will tell you that you are going to fail.  Keep your eye on the prize and realize that you may make some mistakes, but as long as you keep working hard and do not quit then you will succeed.

You Are Not Alone

While it will be up to you to put in all the work and to continue to improve, you are not alone in your desire to take back your health.  Myself and the whole GooBurner’s team is here to help you succeed.  We all struggle and we all work through it together and many of us have been very successful at achieving this goal.  Use us for help, use us for information, and use us as a shoulder to cry on when things are going bad.  It is a documented fact that your chances of succeeding increase dramatically when you get “plugged in” as it helps to keep you accountable as well as helps you to have the comfort of going through the struggle with others just like you.

Winners Do, Losers Wish

So what are you waiting for?  Find your motivation, pick out your workout plan, and get plugged in and be “the one” that has stopped making excuses and is doing something about it.  I can help you a lot, but I cannot make you do it or wish it for you and have it work.  It will take hard work and a lot of determination, but you can do it and I will help you.

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