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Posted by Barry on Jul 24, 2012

Working Out In Paradise 2

With the job I have I get to go to some of the coolest places on earth.  My job has taken me to Cape Canaveral Florida, Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, Kodiak/Cordova/King Salmon Alaska, White Sands New Mexico, to just name a few and more recently Wake Island in the Pacific.

The United States owns Wake Island and it is set up as an aircraft refueling station and also from time to time is used for missile testing support.  This is why I am there.

The Island only has about 140 or so people on it so it is very remote and there is not a lot of what Americans would expect from a normal small town in the US.  There is one place to eat and it is the chow hall.  The chow hall has specific times that it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It is only open for an hour for each meal, so if you do not make it in that hour or forget and show up late you do not eat.

We are lucky enough to have a work truck assigned to us as our site is over three miles from the chow hall, but others are not so lucky and have to bike it everywhere they go.  The only bar on the island is open for only three days a week (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday).  We are on the other side of the international dateline so to stay on the same workdays as the US the normal work week on Wake is from Tuesday through Saturday, with Sunday and Monday as the weekend.

Due to the small number of people on the island there is not a lot of after work activities such as softball, soccer, basketball, or any of the other amenities that we take for granted back in the states.  What they do have is the ability to fish from shore and catch reef fish (and if you can get on the local boat on the weekend some offshore fishing), kayak around the lagoon, and of course it is a coral island so there is the sun and beaches.

What they also have is a very nice gym.  It is well stocked with weights and exercise equipment.  As you know if you have been following me we are doing Body Beast in their gym every morning and I have dubbed it the Wake Island Beast Club.  There is a nice sized room with gym mat flooring, benches, flat screen TV with Blu-ray player, and even a pull-up bar mounted in the corner.

So even if you are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean you still do not have an excuse to not keep working out and staying healthy.  It is all a matter of deciding that your health is important to you and then finding a way to make it happen.

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