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Posted by Barry on Dec 21, 2011

Working Out In Paradise


If any of you have watched my transformation video (Barry’s P90X transformation) then you know that for eight years I lived on a small tropical island called Kwajalein.  Living on Kwaj you have a very active lifestyle as there are no personnel cars so you get around by riding a bike, the weather is always 78 degrees (night) to 88 degrees (daytime) and sunny, and there are only five TV channels that are over air so the picture is fuzzy.  With these kinds of conditions it is easy to exercise everyday as you are riding a bike everyday and the weather and lack of indoor entertainment motivate you to go outside and “do something”.

I recently went back to Kwaj on business after having been gone for nine years (it may be a tropical paradise, but it is still a missile test range) and got to re-live some of my memories and visit some old friends.  I also got to workout in the island gym that I used for the eight years I lived there and to ride my bike around (when you go to the island for work you get to rent a bike like you would a car in the states) the island to see the sites.  Below are some pictures from my trip.


Dome House I Stayed In

Island Gym

Me at Emon Beach

Work Site

Camp Hamilton Beach

The Port

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