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Posted by Barry on Jan 10, 2014

More Than a Workout Program

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I have to admit when I first started P90x I was “hoping” to lose weight and get into better shape.  As it turned out I not only lost 30 lbs, got in the infomercial, and changed my health for the better.  I also discovered a new way of life.

As I continued to set new goals and achieve them I never thought for a minute the impact this small change in my life would have on all the other areas of my life.  I had fallen in love with the idea of pushing myself physically, setting small and long term goals, trying new and different things that moved me out of my comfort zone all for my new passion of working out and getting healthy.

While my fitness has continued to improve over the last three years and that has been amazing, it has not been the only area in my life that has seen incredible improvement.  What I have done by making the changes in my life to get healthy has spilled over into every other area of my life.


Our family has changed from the “typical Americans” sitting on the couch watching TV and sleeping all weekend to a family that laughs, works out together, cooks together, talks about our latest adventure, talks about what we have learned lately, talks about what new challenges we are working on, talks about the latest books we are reading, and talks about how we can make the world a better place.

Wife: Chasing her dream to train diabetic alert dogs by going back to school to get certified, working with current dogs on training, all while improving her health, working as a registered nurse, and running a household with three teenagers.

Daughters:  Members of competition cheerleading squad, take gymnastics, take AP classes in school, read and study nutrition.

Son: Went to an academically challenging boarding prep school, is currently taking boxing, tutors underprivileged children every day after school, is preparing for college next year.


With more energy, learning how important it is to help others, and re-engaging in the world I have made many new friends, renewed several old friendships, found a new best friend that works out with me every day (he even recently made with his own hands a Peg Board for the gym).


I not only started my own business as a Beachbody coach where I actually make money to help people get their health back, I also have seen tremendous growth in my engineering work with new challenges as I am willing to take on more difficult projects.  Being able to do the type of projects and work with like-minded people has changed my life from “working” to being able to “enjoy what I am doing”.  This alone has been such a significant improvement that I now wake up excited and look forward to the day.


With my health improving and my mind and body becoming stronger the biggest change has been in me.  I am many times happier (so much that everyone has noticed), my self-confidence has gone off the chart so that I have taken on crazy challenges like teaching classes (this means standing in front of a crowd and talking/performing), taking classes of my own to learn new skills such as computer software technician (I am an electrical engineer not a software guy), a class in information security, gotten certified to teach Insanity, gone out and ran a Warrior Dash, and built a home gym.  I now make a point of reading every day on topics from personal development, to improving relationships, to how to improve your financial situation, to how to raise your kids.  It has given me a hunger and desire to learn and grow that I have not felt since I was in college.

So if you think you are just getting healthy and “just going to lose a few pounds” think again.  If you stay with it you are starting a journey that is going to change your whole life for the better, not just make you healthy.  I know this from personal experience and I am willing to help guide anyone who is willing along the same journey.

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