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Posted by Barry on Jun 15, 2011

You Are Stronger Than You Think

I have learned a lot about myself as I continue on this fitness journey and one of the things that continues to amaze me is how far you can push yourself.  You know that feeling that you are done, cannot do one more repetition, and then from somewhere deep inside you somehow do that one more repetition.

What this tells me is that the limits to what I can do are being stopped more by my mind then my body.  If my body truly was totally spent then I really would not be able to do “one more rep” and that would be that.  I had this experience again this week (which is why I am writing about it) when I was doing Insanity Maximum Interval Plyometrics.  I was in the last set of intervals and was on my hands and knees after doing a set of pushups and remember thinking that was it.  I am going to take a break and catch my breath as I just cannot do one more repetition.

Then it happens as it has happened many times before, I push myself and will myself to just keep going and my body responds.  Now my body responds by making me feel pain, making it so I can hardly breathe, and making my muscles start to freeze up; but never the less it responds and I keep going.  It is times like these that you truly start to learn a lot about yourself.   Are you someone who quits?  Are you someone who is willing to settle for failing to reach a goal?

As you start to get into better shape and have little victories (for me it was going from doing pushups on my knees to doing real pushups), these little victories grow into bigger victories and soon you are achieving a level of fitness and health that you thought you would never achieve.  The self confidence and pride you feel are something that we never thought would happen from working out, but they are what keeps you going when your mind is telling you to quit.

So the next time you feel like you are going to die and that you may just pass out, remember You Are Stronger Than You Think and reach down deep and push through  that one more repetition.  The way it will make you feel about yourself as you continue to improve and grow is definitely worth it.

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