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Posted by Barry on Aug 20, 2013

You Can’t Fake Real Passion

Sholders Arms week 3

I have been working out to Beachbody products for over 3 years now so I pretty much have a routine and there are not a lot of surprises.   But I never expected what has been happening at the Gooburner Gym over the past two months.

My neighbor Tim Rundle decided to do P90X to get his health back so I am doing a round of P90X with him.  Now I have done four full P90X rounds and many hybrids with P90X workouts in them so I am very familiar with the workouts.  Heck I even taught two P90X classes at a local gym (back before we had P90X certification, which I hope to attend soon) so I know the routines well enough to help others through it.

What I didn’t expect would happen in this round is that doing it with someone who is experiencing it for the first time I am seeing, feeling, and experiencing the raw passion that comes from someone when they complete some of the first goals doing P90X.   To see the pure excitement the first time you can do a “real pushup” or do your first “real chin up”.  The excitement and passion that comes from someone is so infectious that you cannot help but feel that same feeling all over again like it is happening to you.

I find myself pushing and Bringing It like it is my first time and I cannot wait to write down that I exceed my reps or weight on my sheet from last time.  After the workout we compare sheets; not to see who did better but to show how we are personally improving.  This is a great motivator and something I would like to start doing in my Challenge Groups.  Have people actually post their daily results.  It has helped to make both of us improve and get better.

I am truly grateful to Tim that he is letting me go through this journey with him as it has reignited my own passion and just reinforces my decision to become a Beachbody coach and to dedicate myself to helping others get into shape and take back their health.

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