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Posted by Barry on Aug 5, 2011

You Gotta Have Help!

This week I have to brag about how awesome my family is and how important it is to have a support system in order to succeed with whatever your goal is.

As most of you know I have had to start traveling a lot again as that is where the work is.  In these tough economic times you have to do whatever it takes to keep working and keep money coming in, but as exercise and helping people get healthy has become a passion of mine I have had to modify the way I do things to make the two work together.

This is where my support system comes into play.  I have an awesome family and they have also gotten the “get healthy” fever so we have been working out and eating right together for many months now.  So when work has taken me away my family has “stepped up” and taken over the Fit Club for me.

For the last two weeks my wife and son have both run the fit club on different nights and did so without thinking twice about it.  My daughters also are helping out as when people come and bring their little kids they watch the kids and play with them so the “moms and dads” can work out.  The little kids always start out doing the moves with mom and dad, but as happens with kids their attention span is not good enough to last for a full hour so my daughters will make sure the kids continue to have fun so the parents can focus on “Bringing It”.

Let’s face it if I did not have a support system and had to be there for the Fit Club to work then it would have already stopped by now.   The wonderful thing is that it does not just rely on me as my family has picked up the slack and I have even had members of the club volunteer to help as well (I had two members step up while we were all on vacation and keep it going).

So if you want to succeed at this “getting healthy thing” you need to get connected, involved, held accountable, and set up your own support system.  You can join my team, work out in the WOWY virtual gym and chat with others who are “Bringing It”, find a local fit club, join my team of coaches (always looking for motivated exercise buffs), get your best friend to work out with you (in the old days we use to push each other at the gym), or join our Facebook team page and talk with others anytime you want to stay engaged.

What you will find out as you start to set up your own support system is that it is not only fun, but very rewarding to be a part of something special.

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