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Posted by Barry on Sep 11, 2012

Always Tweaking

I have been running pretty “hardcore” on my nutrition now for almost 3 weeks and I am starting to see some real results.  While I have not lost a lot of weight as I am doing a workout program specifically designed to “build” muscle mass, I am seeing small changes in my body.

I am getting bigger in all the right places (arms, back, chest) and getting more ripped in others (abs, legs).  This is of course the whole reason I am doing this little experiment to see if I can “cut the fat” while still getting some “bulk”.

My normal day consists of getting up, drinking my Shakeology, drinking my pre-workout and starting out at 5am in the Wake Island gym doing Body Beast.  I am following the program and working the body part called out in the workout schedule.  I then take a quick 1 mile cool down walk ending up back at my barracks where I take my Results and Recovery Drink with a scoop of creatine.

Next it is off to breakfast where I have 4 eggs and a piece of fruit then off to the site for work.  While I was at breakfast I grabbed 3 hard-boiled eggs and for my morning snack (2 hours after breakfast and 2 hours before lunch) I eat the egg whites.

Then it is lunch where I always get either the grilled fish, grilled chicken, or grilled beef with veggies.  If everything is fried that day I get a turkey/roast beef sandwich.  I also add a serving of fruit as they usually have cantaloupe/watermelon/pineapple/honeydew or berries.

For my afternoon snack I grabbed some roast beef from the sandwich station as I am trying to keep my protein at 50% for the day and I need foods high in protein and my selection is limited.

Dinner (which I eat around 5pm) is my fresh Ahi.   I have cleaned the fish and put the sashimi into 3 ounce servings of which on average I get 3 days of dinner per fish.

Then I try to do something “aerobic” in the evening.  This is usually running, sprinting, kayaking, or walking.  When it is raining I do yoga or Insanity.

This is the workout/nutrition plan I have “tweaked” for my current situation of being on a small island with limited selections.   However as with any nutrition plan we have a few favorites that we eat a lot of and just end up varying very few meals.  The idea is to keep “tweaking” your nutrition to make it better, more interesting, more dependable, and let’s face it; it is fun to keep trying new items to see if they can help you hit your daily percentages.

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