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Posted by Barry on Sep 28, 2010

Dishes For P90X Meals

Dishes for P90X Meals

I was recently asked for some of the other dishes I made while I was going through my transformation.  This is one of the toughest parts of the challenge as what we eat is going to directly determine the type of results we get.  You can’t “eat what you want” just because you are working out hard and expect to lose weight and build muscle.  Your body needs what it needs and if your nutrition is off then so will your results be.  I am putting together a list of some of the dishes I ate, but the P90X system has the plan, the guide, and the examples of how to make this happen.   I am just putting my own little personal spin on what I learned from them.


When I got pinched for time (oh that never happens in life when you work, have kids, a house, animals (to include horses), and cars) I always fell to my standby; Shakeology.   I can make a shake in just a few minutes and it covers me with all the right proportions of what I need for my workouts and my body.

Breakfast (400-450 cal) – I had the equivalent of 2 scrambled eggs (one egg and the rest egg whites from a carton for convenience) almost every morning.  Along with it I would make a fruit plate for the kids and eat off of it.  I cut up pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and bananas.  The other dishes I made were steel cut oatmeal (but this takes at least 30 minutes so not a fast meal) with a squirt of agave nectar (a great natural sweetener).  On the mornings the kids had cereal, pancakes, waffles, toast, bacon, and all the other normal breakfast items, I stuck with my eggs and Shakeology.  I also when running late would just grab a P90X protein bar (you can use any kind you like as long as it has high protein and low carbs) as I love the taste of them on my way out the door.

Snack (200-250 cal) – This was almost always a protein bar.  It is quick and easy and gives me the right mix of protein and carbohydrates that I need.  Also I ate apples, nuts, grapes, 6oz’s of smoked salmon, trail mix, a banana, just as long as I kept it small.

Dinner (400-450 cal) – For dinner some of the dishes I made were: lean 6oz beef and broccoli; chicken breast and salad; turkey burger and asparagus; rotisserie chicken and salad; garlic chicken with spinach and wheat noodles; turkey chili with tomatoes, corn, onions, and leeks; sashimi (from my island days) and rice; smoked salmon and green beans; grilled mahi mahi and corn; oven baked tilapia and broccoli; you get the idea I would take one small serving of something with a lot of protein and add a vegetable to it.  You can easily make up your own with your favorites, just make sure you check out how many calories you are using and after a few times you will know what size and combinations work to meet your caloric intake.

There you have it nothing to it.  I just takes some pre-planning and the same determination you are using in your workouts and you will have the weight (Goo) burning off you in no time.  Just try not to fall into the trap of not thinking about your meals and having to “scrounge” for something healthy.  This is going to happen and I would use Shakeology when it happened, but it was the exception not the rule.


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