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Posted by Barry on Mar 6, 2013

Fight Stress with Supplements


It is no big surprise that most of us do not get all the vitamins and nutrients we need from our daily diet.  If you are eating the “American diet” then you are not getting even close to what you need on a daily basis. One way to help cover the gap in your nutrition is to take a multivitamin.

Of course the best way is to start eating a healthy diet and to let your body absorb all the nutrients it needs from the foods you are eating, but until you learn to eat better or on those days when you are having trouble getting the right foods a multivitamin can help.

Current research has found that regularly taking a multivitamin can cut your stress, anxiety and levels of fatigue. Researchers analyzed adults taking a multivitamin supplement for at least 28 days and found that people who popped multivitamins for at least a month enjoyed a 65 and 68 percent reduction in stress and anxiety, respectively, and reported 73 percent less fatigue.

The reasons for the improvement is that by getting ample amounts of vitamins and minerals you improve the function of enzymes that regulate biochemical processes in the brain that control your mood, and multivitamins provide additional nutrients beyond what you may be getting from your diet. The researchers also found taking multivitamins that supplied high doses of B vitamins were more strongly associated with the increase in mood. B vitamins are used to convert food into energy, produce stress hormones, and help your nervous system function properly. That means even normal, everyday stress can deplete the body’s supply of vitamin B so taking a supplement helps avoid not having enough vitamin B.

This is why I make sure I take my Shakeology every morning as I know that I am getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need in one easy drink.  It is also why you feel better and have more energy when you regularly take Shakeology.  So try taking a multivitamin or drinking Shakeology every day for a month and see how much better you feel and how much more energy you have.  You may even feel like working out!

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